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Uncategorized June 17, 2015


Look #1: Button Down: Guess | Top (underneath) Kenneth Cole | Shorts: BCBG | Trainers: Vince | Hat: H&M | Sunglasses: Forever 21 |

Look #2: Top: Kit & Ace

Hey guys…

I went out for drinks the other day (not alone — don’t fret), and as I chatted about my interests, I came to a realization. Call it maturing, but I’ve ended up with completely different friends, fashion tastes and career aspirations. After going to Sweden last March, its as if I’ve opened my mind. Life is beautiful — eh?

Rather than disliking certain things for all of eternity, I’ve made the conscious choice to give them a chance. I’m switching to dressage. I’ve now taken a liking to Swedish style, Jaden Smith, Avocados and yoga. Maybe I’m becoming basic **cringes at the word choice**, but I like to think its a newfound optimism. What’s wrong with trendy stuff if you genuinely like it? What’s wrong with someone else [@lovelaurenelizabeth] proving that a certain trend or style is worth a try? In particular, Lauren Elizabeth’s obsession with perforated Vans & Vince slip-ons caused me to splurge on these Vince ones. It’s her fault.

On that fateful deep chat & whiskey day, I even rocked perforated shorts, shoes and a shirt. Up until recently, I used to think that perforated clothing made the wearer look like a walking car seat. Maybe that’s true, but when its black & white, its like a nice car seat. An Audi car seat — and what’s wrong with that?

*On a completely random note, I visited the Kit & Ace store in Vancouver that same day! I loved the second white top so much that I ended up wearing it for the rest of my photos. It was #truelove.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this week’s post! Stay tuned: some big graphic changes are in the works.. ūüôā

Casual in Kirkcaldy

Uncategorized March 10, 2015


Coat: Mackage / Jeans: Genetic Denim / Hat: gift / Trainers: Vans

Hello friends!

After coming home around 11pm, my flatmate rightfully asked me:

“Stephanie …. where have you been?”

“Kirkcaldy” I replied.

“But no one goes to Kirkcaldy” she said, baffled.

And now I know why.

In a state of silliness, I accidentally got on the wrong bus. Instead of the 45 minutes to Edinburgh like I had planned, I ended up on a 2 hour bus ride around Kirkcaldy. After finishing the play I was reading (Waiting for Godot), I knew that I needed to get off the bus. The light was dying , and I was dying of car sickness.

Turns out, there aren’t too many fashion bloggers in Kirkcaldy (NO WAY LOL). Because of this, I met some really funny people — a lady asked me if I was taking nature shots! ūüėõ

For this unexpected trip, my Vans were a life-saver. The cracked fabric makes any sort of rain or dirt look intentional, (Unlike white Converse, which ultimately end up looking disgusting in one week).

Side note: Although I’m rather late on the bandwagon, I’ve become obsessed with GIFs. What do you guys think? Do any of you know how to make better quality ones than imgflip?

Comment Below on a time where you got lost — and how you made the best of it ‚̧

See you Friday! (I will remember this week — promise)!

Daytime Loungewear #trainersontuesday ft. $10 Vans

Uncategorized January 20, 2015


Trousers: H&M / Sunglasses: Black Market Vintage / Purse: Auxiliary / Trainers: Vans X J Crew / Bracelet: Turkish Store/ Tee: Holts ¬†/ Ring: Gift (Shoutout to Rich’s Mom ha).

Hello friends!

I have a confession. Over the last few days, I’ve been a hermit. You know the work load is depressing when going to the dentist gets you excited. Other people. Outdoors. You also know you’ve been a hermit when you take pictures of yourself with a tripod. I always prefer having a photographer — their eye makes the process quite smooth. Although my “selfies” *cringes* were a technology struggle at first, I love how they turned out!

Since I’m currently hermit-ing it up in a condo building, I decided to show you all what I wear on chill days — whether I’m walking around the condo or hitting up my nearby Tim Hortons. Even if you’re not spending all day indoors (thanks to work and sub zero temperatures), this look is still PERFECT for the library, lectures — or even on the plane. Pick up a pair at H&M and embrace your inner MC Hammer. Or Gwen Stefani, if you’re from the 90s generation.

Side note: These trousers also look amazing with wedge sneakers. Just don’t have any :(…. but with the rate I’m going at, I’ll probably have some soon. ALSO structured bags make any chilled look far more sophisticated. Try it.

Most importantly…

The shoes! Although these trainers were found at J Crew (cringe), they were only $10 (definitely not cringe). I love the mix of preppy blazer fabric with the traditional vans slip on style. For a shoe style that I repeatedly buy (6th grade I wore holes in two pairs of Vans slip ons), $10 is a total steal. I look forward to styling them with ripped jeans and dresses once the weather calms down.

Two more posts, then I’ll be back in Scotland. Until then, I’ll exercise some creativity over shooting locations. To tide you over till the next post, follow me on my new Instagram @stephieirwin , which I update daily.

P.S: If any of you are in Toronto — be my friend? LOL

Top 5 Trainers: Spring 2015

Uncategorized January 10, 2015
Top 5 Trainers: Spring 2015

Vans shoes
59 CAD¬†–¬†karmaloop.com

Adidas shoes
280 CAD¬†–¬†mytheresa.com

Givenchy sneaker
885 CAD¬†–¬†luisaviaroma.com

Minna Parikka rubber sole shoes
420 CAD¬†–¬†luisaviaroma.com

Nike sneaker
195 CAD¬†–¬†barneys.com

Hey guys!

As much as I adore using my own shoes (and my mother’s) for posts, this method of blogging has left a void within my soul. After all, who can afford to wear the latest and greatest sneakers 24/7? Thankfully, I have finally acquired a Polyvore, so I can blog about all things wonderful ¬†without having to eat solely soup — for the rest of my degree. (P.S: I will still do photoshoots weekly — don’t fret LOL).

Within my first “Polyvore” post, I have decided on the top 5 trainers for spring. Sure, the Givenchy ones are from a past season — but they’re too cute to pass up, and probably on sale at your local department store.

1. Minna Parikka: Bunnies = the epitome of spring. These trainers are an awesome way to dip a toe into the ‘animal shoe’ trend — without going all “Jeremy Scott.”¬†

2. Givenchy: Despite being from fall 2013, these trainers are still cool as ever. The unique Bambi graphic is distinct Givenchy — for those who love to be designer, subtly.

3. Adidas Stan Smith spring 2015: the fall 2014 collection was on the feet of every ¬†blogger known to man (except me — teehee). Although I still adore the green and white (despite its abundance), the bright orange is the classic Raf Simons minimal style, fresh and far from played out.

4. Vans: When I see these Vans, I think “old vintage couch in a 70s basement.” Considering the amount of 70s style on the spring runways, Vans has obviously taken a hint. Although yellow may seem intimidating, this mustard suede would contrast beautifully with simple, dark wash skinnies.

5. Nike Airforce 1: All white Airforce 1’s are a hip-hop staple — and should be a staple in the closet of every girl or guy. The bright blue version is also beyond cool.

I hope you enjoyed my picks! Which trainers are you coveting for spring? Comment below! ‚̧