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Clothes That Don’t Fit

Uncategorized June 30, 2015


Dress (open): Urban Outfitters | Cropped vest: Brandy Melville | Trousers: Aritzia | Sunglasses: Ray Ban | Purse: Miu Miu (its a hand-me-down / super old) | Arm band: Boohoo | Necklace: Fernweh

Hello…. people of the internet?

I know, I know. I missed last week. Even though the readership of this blog is considerably small, I still feel annoyed with myself if I don’t post every single Tuesday (I’ve only missed twice). However, not only was last week insane, but I also had no clue what to wear. Since I’m at home, my closet is mostly full of all my “rejects” that I didn’t take to the UK (meaning pieces that I think are hideous or too small).

Instead of completely writing off these items, I decided that this week, I’d give one reject a new life. The dress. Although it may look like a slightly oversized blouse, its actually a dress that’s far too short. Funny enough, I always discover that a dress is too short at the most inopportune times. Parties, windy days, dinners at grandma’s. The list goes on.

Thankfully, this Urban Outfitters dress is no ordinary dress. Button front anything means that it can be worn like a cardigan or an unbuttoned shirt. I paired it with these loose fit trousers to keep everything chilled, and the crop-top makes the layering look effortless and not awkward (like this sentence). Cropped things are convenient because they decrease fabric weight & allow you to wear more all at once.

As for the trainers, I’m still rocking the Vince slip-ons. They only leave my feet when I go to bed. Or take a shower. No lie.


Be sure to let me know how you repurpose your “rejects”. See you next week! ❤

Daytime Loungewear #trainersontuesday ft. $10 Vans

Uncategorized January 20, 2015


Trousers: H&M / Sunglasses: Black Market Vintage / Purse: Auxiliary / Trainers: Vans X J Crew / Bracelet: Turkish Store/ Tee: Holts  / Ring: Gift (Shoutout to Rich’s Mom ha).

Hello friends!

I have a confession. Over the last few days, I’ve been a hermit. You know the work load is depressing when going to the dentist gets you excited. Other people. Outdoors. You also know you’ve been a hermit when you take pictures of yourself with a tripod. I always prefer having a photographer — their eye makes the process quite smooth. Although my “selfies” *cringes* were a technology struggle at first, I love how they turned out!

Since I’m currently hermit-ing it up in a condo building, I decided to show you all what I wear on chill days — whether I’m walking around the condo or hitting up my nearby Tim Hortons. Even if you’re not spending all day indoors (thanks to work and sub zero temperatures), this look is still PERFECT for the library, lectures — or even on the plane. Pick up a pair at H&M and embrace your inner MC Hammer. Or Gwen Stefani, if you’re from the 90s generation.

Side note: These trousers also look amazing with wedge sneakers. Just don’t have any :(…. but with the rate I’m going at, I’ll probably have some soon. ALSO structured bags make any chilled look far more sophisticated. Try it.

Most importantly…

The shoes! Although these trainers were found at J Crew (cringe), they were only $10 (definitely not cringe). I love the mix of preppy blazer fabric with the traditional vans slip on style. For a shoe style that I repeatedly buy (6th grade I wore holes in two pairs of Vans slip ons), $10 is a total steal. I look forward to styling them with ripped jeans and dresses once the weather calms down.

Two more posts, then I’ll be back in Scotland. Until then, I’ll exercise some creativity over shooting locations. To tide you over till the next post, follow me on my new Instagram @stephieirwin , which I update daily.

P.S: If any of you are in Toronto — be my friend? LOL

Givenchy Monochrome Leather Hi-tops & Life Update! #trainersontuesday

Uncategorized December 9, 2014



Hello friends!

It’s your long lost Stephanie here — and I have a new post. Although my posts usually have a consistent focus (trainers — just incase if you’re new here), this post is a little different from the others — there are no pictures of me. Gasp! The horror. As disappointed as I’m sure you all are, these trainers are so epic that they need a post all for themselves. Although I was initially hesitant to post about these shoes, my better judgment has failed me.

Ever since I first saw these hi-tops last year, I’ve been pining for them like a twelve-year-old over a Jesse McCartney poster. Despite this “love at first sight” that I experienced, my hesitations were twofold: 1. Saying that these are expensive would be an understatement, and 2. they’re mostly white. As someone who lives in a very rain-y place (I’m talking gale-force, there’s probably going to be a hurricane rain), wearing/acquiring white trainers seems pretty illogical.

Despite their price and colour, I couldn’t stop thinking about them — and thus found myself purchasing them, much to the chagrin of my bank account. Thankfully, I somehow managed to budget them in with a diet of soup and a bit of work money. Despite the expense, I felt zero regret, and I’ve worn these shoes everyday since I’ve bought them — and they’re still white, ha! The smell of them is reminiscent of a new car, and the comfort is like walking on a cloud (corny but true!). Their versatility is out of this world too, and they’re best paired with skinny leather pants  à  la J-Biebs and a collosal scarf  à la Lenny Kravitz. I have also  found myself wearing them with things I’d never expect, and they take every look up 100 notches of cool (which during revision period — I need).

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Look out for incoming posts on how I style these, very very soon! Lots of exciting things are going to be happening with this blog — this semester has been a mere test run. Trust me.

Life Update:

Hey guys! I know it has been ages, but I’ve let revision take over my entire life. Two exams have been completed — yay! My final exam is saturday, and after that I’ll have way more time to improve this blog and interact with the wonderful WordPress community. Comment below if you have any tips on revision, and if you have a splurge that you don’t regret (hey — there are benefits to the soup diet!).