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Dophins and Doughnuts: Thoughts on “chavvy clothing”

Uncategorized July 28, 2015


Hoodie: Odd Future (Mens) / Trackkies: Adidas / Sunglasses: Aldo / Trainers: Converse / Purse: Alexander Wang
Hey guys..

In life, there are some moments I completely forget (likely your name upon meeting — sorry), and some I remember in vivid detail. Naturally, one of these “photographic memory” moments related to fashion. I was in first year university, sitting on a friend’s floor as she prepared for a night out. The party theme? “Chavvy clothes.”

Regardless, I thought my friend had nailed it. She was wearing big falsies, orange tanner and a short neon outfit. I love tanner, neon and falsies as most girls do — just in moderation. Halfway through my friend getting ready, another girl who was going to the party (I had to study that night) walked into the room. “I need chavvy 14-year-old boy clothes” she announced, sitting on my friend’s bed. “Like, I need a Hypebeast hoodie or Adidas trackkies.” As she continued to describe what constituted a “chav” in her eyes, I began to realize that this 20 year old Canadian girl (me) was dressing like not just a “chav,” but a “chavvy 14-year-old boy.” Great.

My only regret from that moment was not defending my Adidas trackkies and tendency to buy slightly obnoxious trainers and hoodies. I like to think that I look more like Ruby Rose (I wish), rather than a pre-pubescent boy from Dundee who just discovered JD Sports (for the record I love Dundee and I think everyone has rad style. Open your minds people). Considering my recent foray into the men’s section of JD sports (they have good teeshirts OK?), this impression might be fairly accurate.

In my opinion, said “chavvy” clothes aren’t actually that bad. The key? I like to wear pieces that are recognizably from street wear brands, without actually saying the name in giant letters. If I’m wearing a hoodie or trackkies that have the name in giant letters, I at least make the other items less obvious yet still noticeable (i.e: the dolphin is distinctively Odd Future, and the stripes are distinctively Adidas). These trainers pair well with my outfit because they have flash yet aren’t boring or overly obvious.

Also, maybe we should all stop coming up with slang to insult people who are different from us? If I have learned anything about style / life, its that you need to try new things and not judge. There’s a crazy idea.

See you next week! Turns out posting with all my tech-y stuff in the background will work this week. What a relief :).


Uncategorized June 17, 2015


Look #1: Button Down: Guess | Top (underneath) Kenneth Cole | Shorts: BCBG | Trainers: Vince | Hat: H&M | Sunglasses: Forever 21 |

Look #2: Top: Kit & Ace

Hey guys…

I went out for drinks the other day (not alone — don’t fret), and as I chatted about my interests, I came to a realization. Call it maturing, but I’ve ended up with completely different friends, fashion tastes and career aspirations. After going to Sweden last March, its as if I’ve opened my mind. Life is beautiful — eh?

Rather than disliking certain things for all of eternity, I’ve made the conscious choice to give them a chance. I’m switching to dressage. I’ve now taken a liking to Swedish style, Jaden Smith, Avocados and yoga. Maybe I’m becoming basic **cringes at the word choice**, but I like to think its a newfound optimism. What’s wrong with trendy stuff if you genuinely like it? What’s wrong with someone else [@lovelaurenelizabeth] proving that a certain trend or style is worth a try? In particular, Lauren Elizabeth’s obsession with perforated Vans & Vince slip-ons caused me to splurge on these Vince ones. It’s her fault.

On that fateful deep chat & whiskey day, I even rocked perforated shorts, shoes and a shirt. Up until recently, I used to think that perforated clothing made the wearer look like a walking car seat. Maybe that’s true, but when its black & white, its like a nice car seat. An Audi car seat — and what’s wrong with that?

*On a completely random note, I visited the Kit & Ace store in Vancouver that same day! I loved the second white top so much that I ended up wearing it for the rest of my photos. It was #truelove.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this week’s post! Stay tuned: some big graphic changes are in the works.. 🙂

Stripes and Shade.

Uncategorized April 22, 2015


Tee: Brandy Melville / Harem Trousers: H&M / Gilet: Galagowear / Backpack: RAINS / Trainers: Givenchy / Sunglasses: Black Market Vintage

Hello friends!

Lately, Scotland has been stellar. The sun is finally out, and I can actually take photos without my hands freezing off. Success! Plus, I only have 1000 more words to write before all of my papers are done. During a study break, I walked around the Old Course and tried to take advantage of the sunlight. With great trial and error, I managed to set up some dope shots.

Even though I’ve been crazy busy, this blog always manages to be fun more than a chore. A couple of days ago, I rocked this outfit and decided to wear it again [don’t worry mom — it’s clean]. The teeshirt and trousers pair quite well, and the vest prevents stripe overload. Love. Also, there’s something about harem trousers and high tops that kills me. Call me Bieber. It’s cool.

Also repping some Swedish finds, particularly this gilet. I’m pretty sure its mens, but since when did I ever care about looking like a boy? … LOL…

Comment below on your favourite way to wear stripes on stripes — or, if you’re an outfit repeater. Like me. #Shameless.

Yes You Can!:Trainers & A Dress

Uncategorized September 2, 2014


In my new post segment, “Yes You Can!” I’ll be styling things deemed implausible by society. Woah. (And no, this is not inspired by the Obama campaign).

My inspiration for this post came from Demi Lovato’s song “La La Land” (don’t judge me — LOL). This song deems wearing trainers with a dress as some unheard of phenomenon, even though I’ve been doing it unintentionally for years. As a child, the only things I loved more than wearing dresses were eating and running around. Alas, not only do I prefer easy fit dresses, but stylish trainers have become a staple in my closet (case in point, this blog).

The easiest way to rock “trainers with a dress” is by opting for a tank dress. Tank dresses are the stoner cousin of the mini dress. With a flannel or button down layered overtop, pretty much any pair of trainers will look a-ok with a dress. Try it. (For fall, adding tights still looks cool. Also, swap the button down for a coat like this for a similar vibe).

What I’m Wearing
Button Down: Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply
Tank Dress: Alice & Olivia
Shoes: Puma
Purse: Cole Haan (discontinued)

Look Book Chapter 9: Turkish Vest & Supra Trainers

Uncategorized August 27, 2014


These shoes may appear ordinary to the naive eye. However, they are far from it. These are my Crown Coalition Supras (yes they are for men) which are a stellar all season shoe that is a must have for every trainer junkie. Their regal velvet-y texture and chain make me feel like a princess in trainers (sorry — I had to lol). Whether its winter or a beach stroll after long boarding, I wear these shoes constantly. I acquired mine at So Hip it Hurts on Queen st. W in Toronto, which is an amazing spot for finding Supra trainers. Unfortunately, these are limited edition and pretty rare, so finding them online would be your best bet.

The look I styled these trainers with is a testament to their versatility. My levi shorts and backwards vest keep the look chilled, yet textured (dimension is key). Since I hate wearing jewellery at the beach ( I have a tendency to lose everything), texture is a great alternative that still adds interest in a look.

Random anecdote: Of all the pieces in this look, my lace vest has the most interesting back story. When I was in Bodrum Turkey two years ago, I haggled for this (allegedly) handmade lace vest. The man selling it was initially charging 65 euros, but I managed to get him down to 19 by saying it was the only money I had left for the rest of my trip. Once I brought the vest home, I found it difficult to style as one would normally wear a vest. However, once flipped around, it turned into an amazing bikini cover up top that I wear all the time.

Moral of the story: Don’t like how an item is looking? Flip it backwards. Also, if you get the opportunity to own limited edition Supras, do it! You won’t regret it. Promise :).

What I’m Wearing
Vest: Market in Bodrum, Turkey
Shorts: Levi’s Urban Renewal
Bikini top: Rip Curl
Trainers: Supra Crown Coalition
Cross-body bag: Cole Haan
Hat: Goorin Bros
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

How to: Preppy Patterns & Classic Streetwear

Uncategorized August 17, 2014


For most of the summer, keeping it casual has been my mantra. Nevertheless, fall is approaching (AKA my return to preppydom), and I’ve felt the urge to dress up lately. This Theory button down is a favourite (even though my camera dislikes it), thanks to its stretch fabric and classic stripes. Still staying true to my crazy style, I styled the button down with Zara shorts, my classic Adidas trainers (acquired at a garage sale), and a Smythe varsity jacket. The shorts and the top look superb together thanks to the angled lines on the shorts, which are basically the same lines on the shirt but thicker. Paired with super girly shades and a broken pearl necklace, this look reads “Extremely preppy yet extremely chill” at the same time. Who knew.

What I’m Wearing
Button down: Theory
Varsity Jacket: Smythe
Shorts: Zara
Trainers: Adidas
Sunglasses: Aldo Accessories
Pear Necklace: Claire’s Accessories