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Dophins and Doughnuts: Thoughts on “chavvy clothing”

Uncategorized July 28, 2015


Hoodie: Odd Future (Mens) / Trackkies: Adidas / Sunglasses: Aldo / Trainers: Converse / Purse: Alexander Wang
Hey guys..

In life, there are some moments I completely forget (likely your name upon meeting — sorry), and some I remember in vivid detail. Naturally, one of these “photographic memory” moments related to fashion. I was in first year university, sitting on a friend’s floor as she prepared for a night out. The party theme? “Chavvy clothes.”

Regardless, I thought my friend had nailed it. She was wearing big falsies, orange tanner and a short neon outfit. I love tanner, neon and falsies as most girls do — just in moderation. Halfway through my friend getting ready, another girl who was going to the party (I had to study that night) walked into the room. “I need chavvy 14-year-old boy clothes” she announced, sitting on my friend’s bed. “Like, I need a Hypebeast hoodie or Adidas trackkies.” As she continued to describe what constituted a “chav” in her eyes, I began to realize that this 20 year old Canadian girl (me) was dressing like not just a “chav,” but a “chavvy 14-year-old boy.” Great.

My only regret from that moment was not defending my Adidas trackkies and tendency to buy slightly obnoxious trainers and hoodies. I like to think that I look more like Ruby Rose (I wish), rather than a pre-pubescent boy from Dundee who just discovered JD Sports (for the record I love Dundee and I think everyone has rad style. Open your minds people). Considering my recent foray into the men’s section of JD sports (they have good teeshirts OK?), this impression might be fairly accurate.

In my opinion, said “chavvy” clothes aren’t actually that bad. The key? I like to wear pieces that are recognizably from street wear brands, without actually saying the name in giant letters. If I’m wearing a hoodie or trackkies that have the name in giant letters, I at least make the other items less obvious yet still noticeable (i.e: the dolphin is distinctively Odd Future, and the stripes are distinctively Adidas). These trainers pair well with my outfit because they have flash yet aren’t boring or overly obvious.

Also, maybe we should all stop coming up with slang to insult people who are different from us? If I have learned anything about style / life, its that you need to try new things and not judge. There’s a crazy idea.

See you next week! Turns out posting with all my tech-y stuff in the background will work this week. What a relief :).

Stripes and Shade.

Uncategorized April 22, 2015


Tee: Brandy Melville / Harem Trousers: H&M / Gilet: Galagowear / Backpack: RAINS / Trainers: Givenchy / Sunglasses: Black Market Vintage

Hello friends!

Lately, Scotland has been stellar. The sun is finally out, and I can actually take photos without my hands freezing off. Success! Plus, I only have 1000 more words to write before all of my papers are done. During a study break, I walked around the Old Course and tried to take advantage of the sunlight. With great trial and error, I managed to set up some dope shots.

Even though I’ve been crazy busy, this blog always manages to be fun more than a chore. A couple of days ago, I rocked this outfit and decided to wear it again [don’t worry mom — it’s clean]. The teeshirt and trousers pair quite well, and the vest prevents stripe overload. Love. Also, there’s something about harem trousers and high tops that kills me. Call me Bieber. It’s cool.

Also repping some Swedish finds, particularly this gilet. I’m pretty sure its mens, but since when did I ever care about looking like a boy? … LOL…

Comment below on your favourite way to wear stripes on stripes — or, if you’re an outfit repeater. Like me. #Shameless.

Casual in Kirkcaldy

Uncategorized March 10, 2015


Coat: Mackage / Jeans: Genetic Denim / Hat: gift / Trainers: Vans

Hello friends!

After coming home around 11pm, my flatmate rightfully asked me:

“Stephanie …. where have you been?”

“Kirkcaldy” I replied.

“But no one goes to Kirkcaldy” she said, baffled.

And now I know why.

In a state of silliness, I accidentally got on the wrong bus. Instead of the 45 minutes to Edinburgh like I had planned, I ended up on a 2 hour bus ride around Kirkcaldy. After finishing the play I was reading (Waiting for Godot), I knew that I needed to get off the bus. The light was dying , and I was dying of car sickness.

Turns out, there aren’t too many fashion bloggers in Kirkcaldy (NO WAY LOL). Because of this, I met some really funny people — a lady asked me if I was taking nature shots! 😛

For this unexpected trip, my Vans were a life-saver. The cracked fabric makes any sort of rain or dirt look intentional, (Unlike white Converse, which ultimately end up looking disgusting in one week).

Side note: Although I’m rather late on the bandwagon, I’ve become obsessed with GIFs. What do you guys think? Do any of you know how to make better quality ones than imgflip?

Comment Below on a time where you got lost — and how you made the best of it ❤

See you Friday! (I will remember this week — promise)!

My Thoughts. Honestly.

Uncategorized February 27, 2015


Photos: Yelim Lee


As my mom’s Jamaican friend used to say, “sometimes you’ve just got to keep it real.” In my case, I feel as if a direct, from the heart ramble has been long overdue.

This blog started with mixed feelings. On one hand, I was dying to style looks and stretch my own potential, but on the other, I was completely terrified. I’ve always been the awkward kid who would either run away from a camera, or make a stupid face. I never really felt “pretty” , was far too occupied with how my Barbies looked and felt (yes — really), and I spent most of my time eating and drawing.

When I put down the Barbies and picked up the computer, I discovered fashion blogs (Jay Strut, Fashion Toast etc). The whole blogger world fascinated me — could I actually be like them? Could I have that much confidence?

The answer to these questions used to always be “no.” Funny thing is, I was oblivious to my own fear. Thankfully, something changed last summer. I stopped caring. All of these excuses of why I shouldn’t write a blog used to flood my brain.  As a perfectionist, I always want everything to be just so. If all of my “ducks are in a row” I’m happy. But life doesn’t work that way, does it. At least for longer than a day.

When writing a blog, a spelling error here and there happens. Maybe I dislike a certain outfit. But overtime, I’ve learned to accept those errors. What I find harder to accept, however, is the personal aspect.

Seeing myself as a stylist first and foremost, I’ve been styling my mom and my Barbies since I could form sentences. I would collage obsessively, draw for hours , style my online characters on Stardoll and The Sims (90s kids — remember?), and even sew clothes. I used to take my friends shopping and pull them clothes. I used to lay out outfits for my mother on her closet floor, later informing her that those were her “looks of the week.”

I think this desire to style things, to create things, was always directed towards other people. When the spotlight turned to myself, I subconsciously panicked. I enjoy talking about styling, colours and the latest runway shows, but I’ve been far too scared to talk about myself.

But just like poetry, I think a certain “look”, if you want to call it that, can often speak for itself. What can’t be spoken for, is me. And that scares me to no end. How do I know if I’m being too revealing? Should I include less? Should I include more? Is the word count on this post too long (is it — tell me in the comments)?

Just like the photography aspect of my blog, conquering the fear of the personal is going to take some time. Consider this your forewarning. I might get TMI, but just know that I consider you — yes, you — a friend. I don’t care if you randomly stumbled across my blog on Google, or are under the false assumption that I dislike you (I have serious resting bitch face), just know that I am grateful for you. I am grateful that you spend a fraction of your time on earth reading my words.

As I decide to open up more to you guys, I hope that this newfound “friendship” will go two ways. I’m freakishly fascinated with the lives of others, and would be honoured for your perspective (good or bad). Feel free to link me your blog and I’ll check it out. As Jojo would say, “I Wanna Get To Know You.”

Comment about yourself, how / why you started your blog, and one random fact about you. 

My random fact? In school, my favourite classes were French and Art. Some things never change.



*Normal posts will be coming back next week — just with a new flair.

Monochrome: Dressing up your flyknits #trainersonTuesday

Uncategorized January 27, 2015


Blazer: BCBG / Tee: Cheap Monday / Scarf: Rosie Sugden / Jeans: Rag & Bone / Trainers: Nike / Backpack: RAINS / Shades: Black Market Vintage

Hello friends!

Notice anything different? Not only am I back in the UK (*yay*), but my hair has also been turned into a mass of blonde balayage. My colour is essentially the same — just less ginger and more gold. Be sure to follow my colourist on instagram: @dgaweda. She’s the best.

Despite the sunny disposition of my hair, the rest of my style has been far more minimal in 2015. Black & white have become my go-tos — I seem to wear these fly knits everywhere.They were all over Instagram (Kayla Itsines). They were on sale. I even featured them in my last blog post. I had to.

Fly knits are essentially Nike’s answer to the Skechers shape up. Cringe worthy, I know, but these shoes are meant to tone your legs more (I’m skeptical) because they put you off balance. Although they’re cool looking and comfortable to walk in, I don’t care for them at the gym much, especially since I can’t lift weights in them safely.

Regardless, their knit fabric is wicked comfortable, and their black & white palette makes them really fun to style. When dressed up with a blazer, the shoes take on a sweater quality, which makes them cozy yet freakishly polished. I’m sold.

Hope you guys are having a wonderful first week back <3. I have a couple photo shoots coming up that I'm really excited for. See you soon!

Winter Dressing: Looking Cool without being Cool(ed). #trainersontuesday

Uncategorized November 11, 2014


Photo Credit: Ilaria Maresi

I have a confession. The colder the weather, the more boring my style gets. Although I love dressing for fall, the winter chill is far too unbearable — especially whilst sporting what some deem “stylish clothing.” On one particularly cold day, I headed to H&M in search of something weird yet warm. Thankfully, I found this gigantic jumper dress, which looks even better layered over leather. Since I don’t own leather leggings (unlike the rest of the world), I decided to pull out my trusty leather skirt. The texture contrast is awesome, and adds some femininity to the frumpy jumper. When it gets extra cold, adding a wool coat overtop cinches the jumper dress, and rather than adding bulk, decreases it.

If I owned wedge sneakers, I would’ve paired them with this look (especially if you’re short). Nevertheless, I can always count on my Supra slip-ons. They’re reliable, comfortable and surprisingly pair with 99% of looks I put together. The only thing more surprising than men’s slip-ons going with everything is the fact I’m wearing tights. If your slip-ons are of the casual, Vans variety, skipping tights is probably a safer option. However, if your slip-ons are a funky texture or solid colour — go for it! (Especially when you have fleece Primark tights)!

Comment below on your favourite way to transition into winter fashion/ or if you prefer my photos full size or medium :). Studying and deadlines are starting to hit me hard, so hopefully I can keep up with the posts.

P.S: Take the title any way you want to lol

What I’m Wearing
Turtle Neck Jumper Dress: H&M
Skirt: AllSaints
Slip-ons: Supra [Most featured shoe on the blog]

Rebel Rebel: How to wear what you want and own it #trainersontuesday

Uncategorized October 28, 2014


Photos taken by: Kerry Douglas

Although I’m posting late, I’m excited to announce that real photographers will be helping with this blog! Although I appreciated my previous reluctant helpers, I realized the importance of taking my photos to the next level. Lets face it — even the hottest people on earth look horrible with a two minute photo shoot.

Thankfully, we spent a decent chunk of time on these photos, and I believe that it shows. This increased photo quality allows me to be even more bold with the looks I choose. Although this outfit took a lot of ballsy attitude to rock in prepster land [aka where I live], it was liberating. I finally decided to wear what I want — and not just for the duration of this photo shoot. Overtime, I have discovered that the key to fashion freedom is certainty. Go with what you want initially, and 99% of the time you will get positive results.

The look I’m wearing rocks. After all, who doesn’t love Criminal Damage and short skirts? For those of you wondering, the jersey is a mock Moët Champagne logo (with pot leaves and funny stuff all over it). I love the leather skirt underneath, because it reminds everyone that yes, I am a girl..lol. The skirt also adds cool texture, and its cut blends in with the rest of my look. The next piece that I feel great enthusiasm towards is my blue jacket. Not only was it £5, but it also goes with everything and is super easy to layer. Safe to say I’m in love. Lastly, the headphones I’m wearing are far from decoration. Although Bang & Olufsen usually charges £400 for their headphones, I got these for £170 on Amazon (they sound far too amazing to be fakes). As for the music playing in them, I’m currently listening to a healthy mix of Jack Beats, Cari Lekebusch and Drake (don’t judge me — I’m missing Toronto a lot).

Now to the most important part: The Shoes. I originally bought these crazy shoes for running, but I have recently discovered their merit as an everyday item. They tie in with my orange flannel and green skirt really well, and add height to counter the baggy top. Sold.

Comment below on your favourite crazy pieces, and if you wear headphones around your neck unintentionally :P.

What I’m Wearing
Jacket: H&M
Flannel: Vintage
Top: Criminal Damage
Skirt: AllSaints
Trainers: Nike

The Princess’ New Look

Uncategorized July 24, 2014


Ever since the Emperor got a new look (get the reference 90’s kids?), I decided that it was only fitting to get one too. This new look involves a new outlook into my trainer obsessed world. Post wise, I’ll be featuring my forays into thrift shopping, outfit “look books” from everyday life, travels and parties. In addition, I will also be featuring specific pieces in my closet, and why they deserve a place in yours. Once my readership expands, I also hope to do styling q & a posts.

In picking a picture for this post, I opted for one of my favourite looks that I feel truly encapsulates my style — who doesn’t love a good pair of pleather shorts and slip-ons!

Drop me a comment, and I’d love to chat or check out your blog.



What I’m Wearing

Button-down: Brooks Brothers
Shorts: BCBG
Slip-ons: Limited Edition Supra men’s
Earrings: H&M
Sunglasses: Wilfox

Vintage Hunter: Scottish Village Edition

Uncategorized December 27, 2013




After perusing through Net-a-Porter, I decided to end my online shopping addiction–which is easily fueled when one lives in a Scottish village. Most students claim that we have “no good shopping” and that constant online purchasing is “necessary.” To prove my friends wrong, I grabbed My Canon and my roommate. Check out my favourite finds!