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Dophins and Doughnuts: Thoughts on “chavvy clothing”

Uncategorized July 28, 2015


Hoodie: Odd Future (Mens) / Trackkies: Adidas / Sunglasses: Aldo / Trainers: Converse / Purse: Alexander Wang
Hey guys..

In life, there are some moments I completely forget (likely your name upon meeting — sorry), and some I remember in vivid detail. Naturally, one of these “photographic memory” moments related to fashion. I was in first year university, sitting on a friend’s floor as she prepared for a night out. The party theme? “Chavvy clothes.”

Regardless, I thought my friend had nailed it. She was wearing big falsies, orange tanner and a short neon outfit. I love tanner, neon and falsies as most girls do — just in moderation. Halfway through my friend getting ready, another girl who was going to the party (I had to study that night) walked into the room. “I need chavvy 14-year-old boy clothes” she announced, sitting on my friend’s bed. “Like, I need a Hypebeast hoodie or Adidas trackkies.” As she continued to describe what constituted a “chav” in her eyes, I began to realize that this 20 year old Canadian girl (me) was dressing like not just a “chav,” but a “chavvy 14-year-old boy.” Great.

My only regret from that moment was not defending my Adidas trackkies and tendency to buy slightly obnoxious trainers and hoodies. I like to think that I look more like Ruby Rose (I wish), rather than a pre-pubescent boy from Dundee who just discovered JD Sports (for the record I love Dundee and I think everyone has rad style. Open your minds people). Considering my recent foray into the men’s section of JD sports (they have good teeshirts OK?), this impression might be fairly accurate.

In my opinion, said “chavvy” clothes aren’t actually that bad. The key? I like to wear pieces that are recognizably from street wear brands, without actually saying the name in giant letters. If I’m wearing a hoodie or trackkies that have the name in giant letters, I at least make the other items less obvious yet still noticeable (i.e: the dolphin is distinctively Odd Future, and the stripes are distinctively Adidas). These trainers pair well with my outfit because they have flash yet aren’t boring or overly obvious.

Also, maybe we should all stop coming up with slang to insult people who are different from us? If I have learned anything about style / life, its that you need to try new things and not judge. There’s a crazy idea.

See you next week! Turns out posting with all my tech-y stuff in the background will work this week. What a relief :).

Where I’ve Been & What I’ve Learned

Uncategorized May 21, 2015


Top Photo: Morgan Filliol

Middle & Bottom Photo: Tanya Krotovskaya

Hello friends!

I know that I’ve been M.I.A, but I can explain in one word. Finals. There were no trainers on Tuesday. There were slippers (and outfits that will 100% never appear on this blog) last Tuesday. To compensate, I’ve included some of my favourite outtakes from past blog posts!

Since its the end of the school year, this post is quite special to me. I have SURVIVED two semesters of weekly / bi-weekly blogging! To say that this blog has been a learning experience would be an understatement. Not only have I learned my way around WordPress, tripods and improving my social media, but I’ve also improved myself  in ways that I never expected. Below, I’ve listed some important lessons I’ve learned from blogging (in a hope that you too, will finally have the balls to start your own blog. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE).

6 Things I’ve learned….

1. The art of not caring

I say art only because this one was a challenge for me. Every time someone would take my picture, even in normal social situations, I’d feel self conscious and awkward. Now, I’ve gotten to the point of caring so little that I now take half my photos with a tripod. This ‘bravery’ has seeped into other areas of my life. It has been magical.

2. Developing a Vision

Whether its Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook or just everyday life, I’ve learned the importance of having a clear vision in order to achieve what you want. Because of this realization, I’ve accomplished 90% of  my goal list from January 2015.


Not only does one need a vision to make stuff happen, but being POSITIVE is crucial. Even when the lighting is poor, the wind is raging, or fellow pedestrians are being difficult, maintaining a positive attitude has made even the tough moments fun.

4. Looking Put Together

Now that my friends teasingly call me “princess in trainers”, I have subconsciously lived up to the monicker. For my blog photos, I used to change into an outfit I wasn’t actually wearing. In recent posts, I no longer need to — and I think the results have been much better!

5. Appreciating Details

The photographers I work with (shoutout Yelim Lee & Tanya) have taught me the importance of atmospheric details and photo composition. Because of their wisdom, I’ve become more detail oriented, putting 100% into everything I do.

6. Nothing is Perfect

That being said, nothing can ever be perfect. My former International Relations tutor told me something I’ll never forget. “Honestly, Steph, I wrote 5000 words yesterday and I look back now and hate everything I wrote.” Sure, this statement sounds negative, but for me, it has helped me relax about everything I do a little more. We all improve everyday — and that’s a good thing. Through my blog, this lesson has been further nailed into my brain. A year from now, this blogpost will probably be cringe-worthy. Or maybe I’ll even edit it tomorrow. We’ll see.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s post! Next week, I’ll be back in Canada for the summer.