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Uncategorized June 17, 2015


Look #1: Button Down: Guess | Top (underneath) Kenneth Cole | Shorts: BCBG | Trainers: Vince | Hat: H&M | Sunglasses: Forever 21 |

Look #2: Top: Kit & Ace

Hey guys…

I went out for drinks the other day (not alone — don’t fret), and as I chatted about my interests, I came to a realization. Call it maturing, but I’ve ended up with completely different friends, fashion tastes and career aspirations. After going to Sweden last March, its as if I’ve opened my mind. Life is beautiful — eh?

Rather than disliking certain things for all of eternity, I’ve made the conscious choice to give them a chance. I’m switching to dressage. I’ve now taken a liking to Swedish style, Jaden Smith, Avocados and yoga. Maybe I’m becoming basic **cringes at the word choice**, but I like to think its a newfound optimism. What’s wrong with trendy stuff if you genuinely like it? What’s wrong with someone else [@lovelaurenelizabeth] proving that a certain trend or style is worth a try? In particular, Lauren Elizabeth’s obsession with perforated Vans & Vince slip-ons caused me to splurge on these Vince ones. It’s her fault.

On that fateful deep chat & whiskey day, I even rocked perforated shorts, shoes and a shirt. Up until recently, I used to think that perforated clothing made the wearer look like a walking car seat. Maybe that’s true, but when its black & white, its like a nice car seat. An Audi car seat — and what’s wrong with that?

*On a completely random note, I visited the Kit & Ace store in Vancouver that same day! I loved the second white top so much that I ended up wearing it for the rest of my photos. It was #truelove.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this week’s post! Stay tuned: some big graphic changes are in the works.. 🙂

Where I’ve Been & What I’ve Learned

Uncategorized May 21, 2015


Top Photo: Morgan Filliol

Middle & Bottom Photo: Tanya Krotovskaya

Hello friends!

I know that I’ve been M.I.A, but I can explain in one word. Finals. There were no trainers on Tuesday. There were slippers (and outfits that will 100% never appear on this blog) last Tuesday. To compensate, I’ve included some of my favourite outtakes from past blog posts!

Since its the end of the school year, this post is quite special to me. I have SURVIVED two semesters of weekly / bi-weekly blogging! To say that this blog has been a learning experience would be an understatement. Not only have I learned my way around WordPress, tripods and improving my social media, but I’ve also improved myself  in ways that I never expected. Below, I’ve listed some important lessons I’ve learned from blogging (in a hope that you too, will finally have the balls to start your own blog. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE).

6 Things I’ve learned….

1. The art of not caring

I say art only because this one was a challenge for me. Every time someone would take my picture, even in normal social situations, I’d feel self conscious and awkward. Now, I’ve gotten to the point of caring so little that I now take half my photos with a tripod. This ‘bravery’ has seeped into other areas of my life. It has been magical.

2. Developing a Vision

Whether its Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook or just everyday life, I’ve learned the importance of having a clear vision in order to achieve what you want. Because of this realization, I’ve accomplished 90% of  my goal list from January 2015.


Not only does one need a vision to make stuff happen, but being POSITIVE is crucial. Even when the lighting is poor, the wind is raging, or fellow pedestrians are being difficult, maintaining a positive attitude has made even the tough moments fun.

4. Looking Put Together

Now that my friends teasingly call me “princess in trainers”, I have subconsciously lived up to the monicker. For my blog photos, I used to change into an outfit I wasn’t actually wearing. In recent posts, I no longer need to — and I think the results have been much better!

5. Appreciating Details

The photographers I work with (shoutout Yelim Lee & Tanya) have taught me the importance of atmospheric details and photo composition. Because of their wisdom, I’ve become more detail oriented, putting 100% into everything I do.

6. Nothing is Perfect

That being said, nothing can ever be perfect. My former International Relations tutor told me something I’ll never forget. “Honestly, Steph, I wrote 5000 words yesterday and I look back now and hate everything I wrote.” Sure, this statement sounds negative, but for me, it has helped me relax about everything I do a little more. We all improve everyday — and that’s a good thing. Through my blog, this lesson has been further nailed into my brain. A year from now, this blogpost will probably be cringe-worthy. Or maybe I’ll even edit it tomorrow. We’ll see.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s post! Next week, I’ll be back in Canada for the summer. 

Books & Plaid X2

Uncategorized March 3, 2015


Cardigan: Zara / Plaid Shirt: Vintage / Cropped Vest: Brandy Melville / Skirt: TopShop / Socks: Uniform store / Trainers: Prada

Photos: Yelim Lee of http://www.orangeeight.tumblr.com

Hello friends!

Of all the hangout spots in town, bookstores are always my #1 choice (being an English major and all). Even when I’m travelling, I naturally gravitate towards them — despite half the books not being in English.

In the future, one of my “life goals” is to have a library full of “leather bound books and rich mahogany” panelling. Just like the Anchorman quote. Judge me.

Going along with the “I read lots of books” post theme, I opted for plaid on plaid. I never thought they’d actually work together, but there’s something about it that’s very unstudied. Paradoxical too. Call it “collegiate grunge” if you will.  After great contemplation,  I decided that I actually liked this pairing. Let me know what you think in the comments!

P.S: I don’t always read picture books. But when I do, I read the Blue Horse.  The Blue Horse was cool. LOL.

As for the shoes, they need no explanation — but lately I’ve been pairing them with my old private school socks.  🙂 

Tell me: Where’s your favourite bookstore in the world? 

My Thoughts. Honestly.

Uncategorized February 27, 2015


Photos: Yelim Lee


As my mom’s Jamaican friend used to say, “sometimes you’ve just got to keep it real.” In my case, I feel as if a direct, from the heart ramble has been long overdue.

This blog started with mixed feelings. On one hand, I was dying to style looks and stretch my own potential, but on the other, I was completely terrified. I’ve always been the awkward kid who would either run away from a camera, or make a stupid face. I never really felt “pretty” , was far too occupied with how my Barbies looked and felt (yes — really), and I spent most of my time eating and drawing.

When I put down the Barbies and picked up the computer, I discovered fashion blogs (Jay Strut, Fashion Toast etc). The whole blogger world fascinated me — could I actually be like them? Could I have that much confidence?

The answer to these questions used to always be “no.” Funny thing is, I was oblivious to my own fear. Thankfully, something changed last summer. I stopped caring. All of these excuses of why I shouldn’t write a blog used to flood my brain.  As a perfectionist, I always want everything to be just so. If all of my “ducks are in a row” I’m happy. But life doesn’t work that way, does it. At least for longer than a day.

When writing a blog, a spelling error here and there happens. Maybe I dislike a certain outfit. But overtime, I’ve learned to accept those errors. What I find harder to accept, however, is the personal aspect.

Seeing myself as a stylist first and foremost, I’ve been styling my mom and my Barbies since I could form sentences. I would collage obsessively, draw for hours , style my online characters on Stardoll and The Sims (90s kids — remember?), and even sew clothes. I used to take my friends shopping and pull them clothes. I used to lay out outfits for my mother on her closet floor, later informing her that those were her “looks of the week.”

I think this desire to style things, to create things, was always directed towards other people. When the spotlight turned to myself, I subconsciously panicked. I enjoy talking about styling, colours and the latest runway shows, but I’ve been far too scared to talk about myself.

But just like poetry, I think a certain “look”, if you want to call it that, can often speak for itself. What can’t be spoken for, is me. And that scares me to no end. How do I know if I’m being too revealing? Should I include less? Should I include more? Is the word count on this post too long (is it — tell me in the comments)?

Just like the photography aspect of my blog, conquering the fear of the personal is going to take some time. Consider this your forewarning. I might get TMI, but just know that I consider you — yes, you — a friend. I don’t care if you randomly stumbled across my blog on Google, or are under the false assumption that I dislike you (I have serious resting bitch face), just know that I am grateful for you. I am grateful that you spend a fraction of your time on earth reading my words.

As I decide to open up more to you guys, I hope that this newfound “friendship” will go two ways. I’m freakishly fascinated with the lives of others, and would be honoured for your perspective (good or bad). Feel free to link me your blog and I’ll check it out. As Jojo would say, “I Wanna Get To Know You.”

Comment about yourself, how / why you started your blog, and one random fact about you. 

My random fact? In school, my favourite classes were French and Art. Some things never change.



*Normal posts will be coming back next week — just with a new flair.