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Dophins and Doughnuts: Thoughts on “chavvy clothing”

Uncategorized July 28, 2015


Hoodie: Odd Future (Mens) / Trackkies: Adidas / Sunglasses: Aldo / Trainers: Converse / Purse: Alexander Wang
Hey guys..

In life, there are some moments I completely forget (likely your name upon meeting — sorry), and some I remember in vivid detail. Naturally, one of these “photographic memory” moments related to fashion. I was in first year university, sitting on a friend’s floor as she prepared for a night out. The party theme? “Chavvy clothes.”

Regardless, I thought my friend had nailed it. She was wearing big falsies, orange tanner and a short neon outfit. I love tanner, neon and falsies as most girls do — just in moderation. Halfway through my friend getting ready, another girl who was going to the party (I had to study that night) walked into the room. “I need chavvy 14-year-old boy clothes” she announced, sitting on my friend’s bed. “Like, I need a Hypebeast hoodie or Adidas trackkies.” As she continued to describe what constituted a “chav” in her eyes, I began to realize that this 20 year old Canadian girl (me) was dressing like not just a “chav,” but a “chavvy 14-year-old boy.” Great.

My only regret from that moment was not defending my Adidas trackkies and tendency to buy slightly obnoxious trainers and hoodies. I like to think that I look more like Ruby Rose (I wish), rather than a pre-pubescent boy from Dundee who just discovered JD Sports (for the record I love Dundee and I think everyone has rad style. Open your minds people). Considering my recent foray into the men’s section of JD sports (they have good teeshirts OK?), this impression might be fairly accurate.

In my opinion, said “chavvy” clothes aren’t actually that bad. The key? I like to wear pieces that are recognizably from street wear brands, without actually saying the name in giant letters. If I’m wearing a hoodie or trackkies that have the name in giant letters, I at least make the other items less obvious yet still noticeable (i.e: the dolphin is distinctively Odd Future, and the stripes are distinctively Adidas). These trainers pair well with my outfit because they have flash yet aren’t boring or overly obvious.

Also, maybe we should all stop coming up with slang to insult people who are different from us? If I have learned anything about style / life, its that you need to try new things and not judge. There’s a crazy idea.

See you next week! Turns out posting with all my tech-y stuff in the background will work this week. What a relief :).

Casual in Kirkcaldy

Uncategorized March 10, 2015


Coat: Mackage / Jeans: Genetic Denim / Hat: gift / Trainers: Vans

Hello friends!

After coming home around 11pm, my flatmate rightfully asked me:

“Stephanie …. where have you been?”

“Kirkcaldy” I replied.

“But no one goes to Kirkcaldy” she said, baffled.

And now I know why.

In a state of silliness, I accidentally got on the wrong bus. Instead of the 45 minutes to Edinburgh like I had planned, I ended up on a 2 hour bus ride around Kirkcaldy. After finishing the play I was reading (Waiting for Godot), I knew that I needed to get off the bus. The light was dying , and I was dying of car sickness.

Turns out, there aren’t too many fashion bloggers in Kirkcaldy (NO WAY LOL). Because of this, I met some really funny people — a lady asked me if I was taking nature shots! 😛

For this unexpected trip, my Vans were a life-saver. The cracked fabric makes any sort of rain or dirt look intentional, (Unlike white Converse, which ultimately end up looking disgusting in one week).

Side note: Although I’m rather late on the bandwagon, I’ve become obsessed with GIFs. What do you guys think? Do any of you know how to make better quality ones than imgflip?

Comment Below on a time where you got lost — and how you made the best of it ❤

See you Friday! (I will remember this week — promise)!

How to: The Fall Transition ft. Converse

Uncategorized August 30, 2014



Transitioning into fall is uncertain territory — it’s still summer (but not really), and school is starting again (but you’re not in the thick of it). How does one sartorially cope, you ask? Well, I personally cope through layering light pieces and wearing cool jackets. In my first outfit, I rock a light jumper as a tee, a scuba pleated skirt and a leather jacket. The light jumper is more warm than a teeshirt, yet it doesn’t leave its wearer boiling hot, and the skirt still coordinates without inducing heat stroke. To finish it off, I added my favourite leather jacket to block extra wind. If its raining (most of the time it is in Scotland), I’ll instead opt for a cropped trench coat in a light material.

As for my trainers (most importantly) these leather converse are genius. If everyone on earth was required to buy one pair of trainers, it should be these. Not only do they go with everything, but the leather makes them 100% more comfortable than the canvas.

Bag wise, I like to carry purses with wide sides, since they can fit a laptop, yet still be a purse. This year, I’d only try to wear a backpack if I could miraculously get my hands on the new Alexander Wang fall 2014 one…. so cool.

Comment below on your tips for the fall transition, or if there are any backpacks you’ve been lusting after! Be sure to check out my fall 2014 style pin board here.

What I’m Wearing

Jacket #1: AllSaints
Jacket #2: Burberry
Jumper: Crooks and Castles
Pleated Skirt: Wilfred Free, Aritzia
Trainers: Leather Converse
Bag: Prada (not actually mine — just to clarify)
Necklace: Claire’s Accessories

Look Book Chapter 7: Dirt Bike Chic

Uncategorized August 14, 2014


After concluding that I have a closet full of nothing to wear, I decided to raid my mother’s stash of retro clothes. This jumper stood out to me thanks to Marc by Marc Jacobs’ fall 2014 runway, which featured dirt bike racing inspired apparel (funny enough, my bag in this look is Marc by Marc Jacobs — it wasn’t intentional at all). When styled with high waisted jeans or shorts, this jumper is on point for fall. Even in the summer, this jumper can serve as a light cover up during cooler summer days. Paired with the first converses I ever purchased, it was definitely a throwback to the days my mom dirt biked (she’s a badass :)).

Moral of the story: To get a runway inspired look, give old clothes a chance — you never know what you’ll find.

What I’m Wearing
Jumper: “Vintage” Thor Race Wear
Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Trainers: Converse
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs