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What I Wear: Internship Edition

Uncategorized July 23, 2015


Hey guys!

A couple of weeks ago, a co-worker gave me what most people would consider a compliment. “You look so cute and preppy today” she said. For me, however, looking ‘preppy’ has always had negative connotations — it was actually an insult at my high school. Can’t say I blame my peers, the tendency of preps to wear excessive pink and Lily Pulitzer has turned me off of ‘preppy style.’

However, the place I work at is a preppy brand. I was dressing for the environment I was in. I can honestly say that the place I work (an equestrian brand) makes beautiful clothes that I wear to the barn pretty much exclusively (no pink or tacky prints. Just high quality stuff — the good, authentic Ralph Lauren style prep that has been lost on many preppy bloggers). Still, my co-worker’s comment made me realize something — I had no clue on dressing authentically at work.

When I say “authentically” , it means ‘true to my style.’ In an effort to be professional, I wore too many pleated skirts, polos and button downs. At one low point, I even wore ballet flats. Yes, really.

I felt as if my monicker had died, and it made me sad. But it also made me wonder. Can “Princess in Trainers” still be “Princess in Trainers” at the office without looking unprofessional? Turns out, I can.

Since my office is pretty creative, the dress code is a bit more flexible than most. Using a layering technique that I was obsessed with last summer, I Layered my vest over a thin sweater. Paired with a unique necklace, Skagen watch (IT IS THE BEST THING EVER) and Vince slip-ons, I actually felt like myself. Success.

On the whole, my job has been an amazing experience. Just being around so many talented people has made me realize that I am on the right path. I’m going to write a full post on my internship once its over, and I can’t wait to share that too.

Side note: I am doing lots of tech-y stuff as of late. Can’t wait for you guys to see the new site. Its gonna be up & ready (*fingers crossed*) by the beginning of September. See you next week!

Clothes That Don’t Fit

Uncategorized June 30, 2015


Dress (open): Urban Outfitters | Cropped vest: Brandy Melville | Trousers: Aritzia | Sunglasses: Ray Ban | Purse: Miu Miu (its a hand-me-down / super old) | Arm band: Boohoo | Necklace: Fernweh

Hello…. people of the internet?

I know, I know. I missed last week. Even though the readership of this blog is considerably small, I still feel annoyed with myself if I don’t post every single Tuesday (I’ve only missed twice). However, not only was last week insane, but I also had no clue what to wear. Since I’m at home, my closet is mostly full of all my “rejects” that I didn’t take to the UK (meaning pieces that I think are hideous or too small).

Instead of completely writing off these items, I decided that this week, I’d give one reject a new life. The dress. Although it may look like a slightly oversized blouse, its actually a dress that’s far too short. Funny enough, I always discover that a dress is too short at the most inopportune times. Parties, windy days, dinners at grandma’s. The list goes on.

Thankfully, this Urban Outfitters dress is no ordinary dress. Button front anything means that it can be worn like a cardigan or an unbuttoned shirt. I paired it with these loose fit trousers to keep everything chilled, and the crop-top makes the layering look effortless and not awkward (like this sentence). Cropped things are convenient because they decrease fabric weight & allow you to wear more all at once.

As for the trainers, I’m still rocking the Vince slip-ons. They only leave my feet when I go to bed. Or take a shower. No lie.


Be sure to let me know how you repurpose your “rejects”. See you next week! ❤


Uncategorized June 3, 2015


Hello friends!

Honestly, summer has been my saviour. At the end of last semester, my brain was far too foggy to function. Even last week, when I wrote the forest post, I was still too jet-lagged to function. Now that I’m physically and mentally present, my mom and I went into Vancouver for my birthday dinner at my favourite Italian restaurant.

Even though it was a grey day, Vancouver always has cool things to take photos of. Besides, summer fashion isn’t really my thing anyways (layering = my thing). For inbetween weather, I’m obsessed with my lightweight tie-dye cardigan. The waterfall cut looks awesome layered under my jacket, but isn’t overly warm like a hoodie.

It was nice to have a day off work and chill with my mom, but all next week = working in the office. Wonder what I’ll wear….

I hope you’ve enjoyed my post this week! Comment below if you know of any new restaurants I can try :).

Spring Day in Scotland #pastelsonpastels

Uncategorized April 7, 2015


Sleeveless Trench: TopShop / Dress: Wilfred / Sunglasses: Black Market Vintage / Left Earring: River Island / Right Earring: TopShop Unique / Bracelet: H&M Stockholm / Bag: Auxiliary / Tripod: Manfrotto / Trainers: Acne Studios / Socks: Calvin Klein

Hello friends!

Within the last couple of days, Scotland has suddenly become warm. Yes. Really. I’ve been hiking a lot, enjoying the vitamin D before the reality of impending finals sinks in. Today, I actually bought gelato (wasabi — its better than its sounds), and the line was down the street. Coinciding with the sunshine and good vibes, I decided to rock out to Flamingosis and dress like a girly girl ’cause I’m happy. Life. Is. Good.

To keep comfy, I opted for my new Acne trainers. WARNING to those who buy them: blisters will happen. You will break them in — promise. For the beginning of the wearing process however, I wore cute socks. The habit has stuck.

On a different note, I just returned from an ice hockey game. Its making me miss home terribly (and our university team is pretty bad tbh haha).

Tell me in the comments: what’s your favourite type of gelato? Do my sunglasses resemble Stitch eyes from Lilo & Stitch? [**hopes they do**].

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post! I think Friday posts won’t be happening until the holidays, in which I will post 3x per week instead of once. I am stoked.

How I wear: Bowler Hats ft. Nike Free 5.0

Uncategorized February 17, 2015


Tee: Wilfred / Hat: H&M / Trainers: Nike Free 5.0 / Sunglasses: Wildfox / Vest: 3.1 Phillip Lim / Bag: Alexander Wang

Photo: Morgan Filliol

Hello friends!

I was in Glasgow recently with a friend from home, stirring up shenanigans & listening to deep house (the kind that’s good — not boring and redundant). In addition to discovering Sub Club (check out their soundcloud here) , I also discovered this H&M bowler hat. Although it doesn’t fit my massive head (7 5/8), I think it looks cool sitting on top of my head. I’ve honestly never been one for hats, but this one appeals to me because of its polish and boyishness. Paired with my favourite loose baseball tee, its casual…..yet not so casual.

For these photos, Morgan and I were just walking up and down one of my favourite streets, taking pictures along the way. Admittedly, half the photos involve me posing with fruit and making stupid faces, so these lot were the only ones that turned out.

Most importantly, let’s talk trainers: 

These babies have been featured on my Instagram @stephieirwin , but they’ve otherwise lived an anonymous existence. I rock them at the gym 99% of the time — they’re super easy to run, jump or do anything in. Thankfully, these Nikes are new, and you can even find them  here in full colour. They’re flashy — but that’s what I go for.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Tuesday’s post. Comment below on your favourite ways to wear hats. I’d love to know ❤

Daytime Loungewear #trainersontuesday ft. $10 Vans

Uncategorized January 20, 2015


Trousers: H&M / Sunglasses: Black Market Vintage / Purse: Auxiliary / Trainers: Vans X J Crew / Bracelet: Turkish Store/ Tee: Holts  / Ring: Gift (Shoutout to Rich’s Mom ha).

Hello friends!

I have a confession. Over the last few days, I’ve been a hermit. You know the work load is depressing when going to the dentist gets you excited. Other people. Outdoors. You also know you’ve been a hermit when you take pictures of yourself with a tripod. I always prefer having a photographer — their eye makes the process quite smooth. Although my “selfies” *cringes* were a technology struggle at first, I love how they turned out!

Since I’m currently hermit-ing it up in a condo building, I decided to show you all what I wear on chill days — whether I’m walking around the condo or hitting up my nearby Tim Hortons. Even if you’re not spending all day indoors (thanks to work and sub zero temperatures), this look is still PERFECT for the library, lectures — or even on the plane. Pick up a pair at H&M and embrace your inner MC Hammer. Or Gwen Stefani, if you’re from the 90s generation.

Side note: These trousers also look amazing with wedge sneakers. Just don’t have any :(…. but with the rate I’m going at, I’ll probably have some soon. ALSO structured bags make any chilled look far more sophisticated. Try it.

Most importantly…

The shoes! Although these trainers were found at J Crew (cringe), they were only $10 (definitely not cringe). I love the mix of preppy blazer fabric with the traditional vans slip on style. For a shoe style that I repeatedly buy (6th grade I wore holes in two pairs of Vans slip ons), $10 is a total steal. I look forward to styling them with ripped jeans and dresses once the weather calms down.

Two more posts, then I’ll be back in Scotland. Until then, I’ll exercise some creativity over shooting locations. To tide you over till the next post, follow me on my new Instagram @stephieirwin , which I update daily.

P.S: If any of you are in Toronto — be my friend? LOL

What I Wear: Movie Theatre Layering #trainersontuesday

Uncategorized January 7, 2015


Photo: Linda Irwin

Hello friends!

I hope you are all well! Personally, 2015 has been going splendidly (despite posting rather irregularly on here, which makes me sad). I’ve been spending all of my time riding, working out, watching hockey (World Juniors anyone?) and applying for jobs. On NYE, I went to an underground deep house party — great way to start the year.

Since I’m about to see a film tonight, I figured I’d dress up, instead of rocking riding gear 99% of the time. We’re going to see the The Theory of Everything , a film about physicist Stephen Hawking. The film is supposed to be amazing — Eddie Redmayne (Burberry model/ Les Mis star) being reason enough to see it.

To stay comfy at the movie theatre, I’m  opting for my favourite Converse! These Converse are quite old, but their metallic fabric has only improved with age.Although a metallic shoe may seem ill-fitting for this look, the metallic texture coordinates with the silver accents on the clutch and the scarf.

For trousers, loose styles are intimidating, but ultimately fool proof. The trousers fall perfectly to cover the upper of the high top, and the high tops themselves prevent any awkward ankle exposure. Additionally, the slim fit of the Converse allow the trousers to fall properly, whereas wider high tops would appear awkward.

To keep warm in the movie theatre, I’ll most likely layer a burgundy hoodie underneath the leather jacket. If crop tops aren’t your style, a baggy tee tucked into these trousers would be equally cool! The key = layers, layers, layers & tailored yet comfortable pieces. Done.

Side note/ advice from a Canadian: If its snowing where you live, opt for flatforms. Flatforms are not only super hip, but they will also prevent your trousers from dragging in the snow. I’m currently coveting these flatforms.

Have you seen The Theory of Everything? What do you wear to the movies? Be sure to comment below. See you Friday (hopefully…hehe).

Update: Film was amazing! Highly recommend!!!

For more frequent updates, follow me on instagram: @stephieirwin

– Steph

What I’m Wearing

*Not all pieces are my own

Trainers: Converse

Leather Jacket: Ted Baker (old season).

Trousers: Babaton @ Aritzia

Scarf: Street Vendor in Turkey

Bralette: TopShop

Necklace: Blue Ruby

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Clutch: BCBG

Yes You Can: Daytime holographics and pastels + #trainersontuesday

Uncategorized September 23, 2014


Fashion is a domain in which there are far too many rules.This lavender dress is a favourite of mine, but its tendency to wrinkle and apparent season specific colour initially put me off. Although the wrinkling part is still true (I just dry cleaned it — no lie), pastels are actually a great way to offset dark, heavy or weird items. With my beloved Zara cardigan styled overtop, this dress is like a breath of fresh air in contrast to my darker items.

As for the trainers, I chose my holographic Nike Air Max that I bought in an epic trainer shop in Toronto ( I forget the title, I’ll hyperlink when I remember :). Apparently these are mens shoes, but I honestly think that’s a debatable claim. These shoes work because of their purple and green undertones, which make the dress and cardigan go together even better. And yes, you can not only wear pastels in the fall, but you can also wear holographics during the day — in small doses with casual items to offset the “disco” vibe. To finish it off, I decided on my Princess of Russia headband (as I call it), and my elephant necklace from St.Tropez!

On a more personal note, I used to post every other day during the summer. However, uni life & work has fully set in, and I’m pretty overwhelmed. Nevertheless, I will be posting on here every #trainersontuesday. Thanks for sticking around friends, and feel free to comment on how YOU style your trainers for fall (or comment anything — except spam).

Much Love ❤

What I’m Wearing
Cardigan: Zara
Dress: Wilfred
Necklace: Street vendor, St. Tropez
Headband: Unknown
trainers: Nike
Purse: Alexander Wang

The Fall Transition Pt 2: Repurposing Summer Items

Uncategorized September 14, 2014


Let’s get real here — The only sad thing about fall fashion is all of the summer pieces you just bought but can no longer wear. Don’t fret my friends, since fall layering (in a less obvious way than the magazines say) is an awesome way to get more $$$ out of the pieces you initially thought of as seasonal. Today I felt an urge to wear my favourite vest (or gilet, as they say in Scotland), and Nike Liberty’s, which I always considered as “spring/summer shoes.” However, the weather said otherwise to my summery disposition. In summer, usually only wore this gilet with tank dresses or tops underneath, just to avoid the whole “gilets look awkward with sleeves popping out” phenomenon. However, this method of styling is far from comfortable in Scotland’s perpetual cold. To combat this problem, I layered my favourite wool cardigan underneath the gilet. When left open, this combination looks like a jacket with textured sleeves (which has been massively trendy recently — for those who care about trends). If you have a leather or denim vest, this look would also be cool.

As for my Nike Liberty’s, The dark blue in their print surprisingly pops when paired with dark denim and earth tones. The twine laces (which can always be swapped out), appear more rustic than strictly summer, and the white sole gives everything a dose of “freshness” in the literal and gangster sense of the word.

What I’m Wearing
Tank Top: H&M
Gilet: Babaton
Ring: H&M
Trainers: Nike Air Max X Liberty London

How to: The Fall Transition ft. Converse

Uncategorized August 30, 2014



Transitioning into fall is uncertain territory — it’s still summer (but not really), and school is starting again (but you’re not in the thick of it). How does one sartorially cope, you ask? Well, I personally cope through layering light pieces and wearing cool jackets. In my first outfit, I rock a light jumper as a tee, a scuba pleated skirt and a leather jacket. The light jumper is more warm than a teeshirt, yet it doesn’t leave its wearer boiling hot, and the skirt still coordinates without inducing heat stroke. To finish it off, I added my favourite leather jacket to block extra wind. If its raining (most of the time it is in Scotland), I’ll instead opt for a cropped trench coat in a light material.

As for my trainers (most importantly) these leather converse are genius. If everyone on earth was required to buy one pair of trainers, it should be these. Not only do they go with everything, but the leather makes them 100% more comfortable than the canvas.

Bag wise, I like to carry purses with wide sides, since they can fit a laptop, yet still be a purse. This year, I’d only try to wear a backpack if I could miraculously get my hands on the new Alexander Wang fall 2014 one…. so cool.

Comment below on your tips for the fall transition, or if there are any backpacks you’ve been lusting after! Be sure to check out my fall 2014 style pin board here.

What I’m Wearing

Jacket #1: AllSaints
Jacket #2: Burberry
Jumper: Crooks and Castles
Pleated Skirt: Wilfred Free, Aritzia
Trainers: Leather Converse
Bag: Prada (not actually mine — just to clarify)
Necklace: Claire’s Accessories