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Dophins and Doughnuts: Thoughts on “chavvy clothing”

Uncategorized July 28, 2015


Hoodie: Odd Future (Mens) / Trackkies: Adidas / Sunglasses: Aldo / Trainers: Converse / Purse: Alexander Wang
Hey guys..

In life, there are some moments I completely forget (likely your name upon meeting — sorry), and some I remember in vivid detail. Naturally, one of these “photographic memory” moments related to fashion. I was in first year university, sitting on a friend’s floor as she prepared for a night out. The party theme? “Chavvy clothes.”

Regardless, I thought my friend had nailed it. She was wearing big falsies, orange tanner and a short neon outfit. I love tanner, neon and falsies as most girls do — just in moderation. Halfway through my friend getting ready, another girl who was going to the party (I had to study that night) walked into the room. “I need chavvy 14-year-old boy clothes” she announced, sitting on my friend’s bed. “Like, I need a Hypebeast hoodie or Adidas trackkies.” As she continued to describe what constituted a “chav” in her eyes, I began to realize that this 20 year old Canadian girl (me) was dressing like not just a “chav,” but a “chavvy 14-year-old boy.” Great.

My only regret from that moment was not defending my Adidas trackkies and tendency to buy slightly obnoxious trainers and hoodies. I like to think that I look more like Ruby Rose (I wish), rather than a pre-pubescent boy from Dundee who just discovered JD Sports (for the record I love Dundee and I think everyone has rad style. Open your minds people). Considering my recent foray into the men’s section of JD sports (they have good teeshirts OK?), this impression might be fairly accurate.

In my opinion, said “chavvy” clothes aren’t actually that bad. The key? I like to wear pieces that are recognizably from street wear brands, without actually saying the name in giant letters. If I’m wearing a hoodie or trackkies that have the name in giant letters, I at least make the other items less obvious yet still noticeable (i.e: the dolphin is distinctively Odd Future, and the stripes are distinctively Adidas). These trainers pair well with my outfit because they have flash yet aren’t boring or overly obvious.

Also, maybe we should all stop coming up with slang to insult people who are different from us? If I have learned anything about style / life, its that you need to try new things and not judge. There’s a crazy idea.

See you next week! Turns out posting with all my tech-y stuff in the background will work this week. What a relief :).

Let’s go to the beach.

Uncategorized June 10, 2015


Hey there…

After a busy week of your standard 9-5, a trip to the beach was long overdue. Contrary to stereotypes, there are actually beaches in Canada. They get hot. We go swimming. It’s a thing. For these sorts of occasions (it was 30 celsius), lightweight shorts, my Adidas and my dog Buddha = the only things I need for some fun downtime — which usually involves music, reading, and immersing myself in all that is not degree-related.

While I was at the beach, I brought some of the “impulse buy” books I bought last semester (books I bought fully knowing I had no time to read them). First up? The Bell Jar. Not the most uplifting beach read, but I can’t put it down.

After spending a few hours at the beach with the family, we had a campfire and listened to the new Kendrick Lamar album (ITS PURE GOLD GUYS). Not to brag, but I can roast a mean marshmallow — golden always.

I always try to appreciate these calm moments in my life…. sometimes I wish I could just become a yogi and move to Vermont. Anyone wanna join?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s post! Be sure to tell me below what you’re reading / listening to? I’d love to know <3.

Top 5 Trainers: Spring 2015

Uncategorized January 10, 2015
Top 5 Trainers: Spring 2015

Vans shoes
59 CAD – karmaloop.com

Adidas shoes
280 CAD – mytheresa.com

Givenchy sneaker
885 CAD – luisaviaroma.com

Minna Parikka rubber sole shoes
420 CAD – luisaviaroma.com

Nike sneaker
195 CAD – barneys.com

Hey guys!

As much as I adore using my own shoes (and my mother’s) for posts, this method of blogging has left a void within my soul. After all, who can afford to wear the latest and greatest sneakers 24/7? Thankfully, I have finally acquired a Polyvore, so I can blog about all things wonderful  without having to eat solely soup — for the rest of my degree. (P.S: I will still do photoshoots weekly — don’t fret LOL).

Within my first “Polyvore” post, I have decided on the top 5 trainers for spring. Sure, the Givenchy ones are from a past season — but they’re too cute to pass up, and probably on sale at your local department store.

1. Minna Parikka: Bunnies = the epitome of spring. These trainers are an awesome way to dip a toe into the ‘animal shoe’ trend — without going all “Jeremy Scott.” 

2. Givenchy: Despite being from fall 2013, these trainers are still cool as ever. The unique Bambi graphic is distinct Givenchy — for those who love to be designer, subtly.

3. Adidas Stan Smith spring 2015: the fall 2014 collection was on the feet of every  blogger known to man (except me — teehee). Although I still adore the green and white (despite its abundance), the bright orange is the classic Raf Simons minimal style, fresh and far from played out.

4. Vans: When I see these Vans, I think “old vintage couch in a 70s basement.” Considering the amount of 70s style on the spring runways, Vans has obviously taken a hint. Although yellow may seem intimidating, this mustard suede would contrast beautifully with simple, dark wash skinnies.

5. Nike Airforce 1: All white Airforce 1’s are a hip-hop staple — and should be a staple in the closet of every girl or guy. The bright blue version is also beyond cool.

I hope you enjoyed my picks! Which trainers are you coveting for spring? Comment below! ❤

How to: Preppy Patterns & Classic Streetwear

Uncategorized August 17, 2014


For most of the summer, keeping it casual has been my mantra. Nevertheless, fall is approaching (AKA my return to preppydom), and I’ve felt the urge to dress up lately. This Theory button down is a favourite (even though my camera dislikes it), thanks to its stretch fabric and classic stripes. Still staying true to my crazy style, I styled the button down with Zara shorts, my classic Adidas trainers (acquired at a garage sale), and a Smythe varsity jacket. The shorts and the top look superb together thanks to the angled lines on the shorts, which are basically the same lines on the shirt but thicker. Paired with super girly shades and a broken pearl necklace, this look reads “Extremely preppy yet extremely chill” at the same time. Who knew.

What I’m Wearing
Button down: Theory
Varsity Jacket: Smythe
Shorts: Zara
Trainers: Adidas
Sunglasses: Aldo Accessories
Pear Necklace: Claire’s Accessories

Look Book Chapter 4: Athletic Two Set

Uncategorized August 3, 2014


Although “Matchy-Matchy” has often possessed negative connotations in the fashion world, “Matchy-Matchy” ensembles have taken the runways and high street by storm. Appropriately called the “two set”, these ensembles can either be a tee or bra with any type of bottoms imaginable. I personally adore this trend because it is a cautious way to slowly ease into wear jumpsuits and rompers (for the sartorially hesitant). My hesitance melted away when I saw this matching Adidas two set. I resisted buying the track jacket, but I knew that this look was essentially the lazy girl’s guide to looking stylish. Sneaker wise, I decided on my clean (well, not really clean) white superga flatforms to give this sporty look a dose of fresh-ness (in a literal and ‘fresh’ way).

What I’m Wearing
Two set: Adidas
Shoes: Superga flatforms
Bag: Gucci (it’s not mine unfortunately)
Necklace: Street Vendor in Hawaii
Hat: thrifted