In the Garden

Uncategorized April 14, 2015


Photos: Tanya Krotovskaya of @tanyakrot on Instagram

Hello friends!

As I write this post, it’s 10:30pm and I’m at the library. This is not ideal, since I’m not one to work past 8pm (I’m an old woman with cats inside). Why am I up so late, you ask? Honestly, this week has been monumentally insane. Deadlines, reading — attempting to exercise.

Despite the chaos, however, I’m somehow managing to make room for downtime. These shots were taken after I attended a student event called “Re:fashion” at my university. Essentially, students give Re:fashion their clothes. Not only do students receive 70% of the profit, but the remainder goes to charity. Pretty awesome. From the event, I ended up purchasing a fringed Marlene Berger jumper, which I cannot wait to rock at Pemberton Music Festival this summer.

Alongside fringed jumpers, I am also obsessed with these trousers. I bought them during winter, in which they were far too light to wear. Now that the weather is becoming tolerable, however, I have found their versatility helpful: chic enough to go with anything, yet comfortable enough to run around in. I’ve worn them to Nobu and to lectures — they’ve been getting miles. Paired with my pony hair Superga, they get dressed down without losing their style.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this week’s post! In the comments, tell me about your favourite consigned clothing items / vintage shops. I travel a lot, and would love to know where YOU go (just might feature it in a future post)! 

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