How I wear: Bowler Hats ft. Nike Free 5.0

Uncategorized February 17, 2015


Tee: Wilfred / Hat: H&M / Trainers: Nike Free 5.0 / Sunglasses: Wildfox / Vest: 3.1 Phillip Lim / Bag: Alexander Wang

Photo: Morgan Filliol

Hello friends!

I was in Glasgow recently with a friend from home, stirring up shenanigans & listening to deep house (the kind that’s good — not boring and redundant). In addition to discovering Sub Club (check out their soundcloud here) , I also discovered this H&M bowler hat. Although it doesn’t fit my massive head (7 5/8), I think it looks cool sitting on top of my head. I’ve honestly never been one for hats, but this one appeals to me because of its polish and boyishness. Paired with my favourite loose baseball tee, its casual…..yet not so casual.

For these photos, Morgan and I were just walking up and down one of my favourite streets, taking pictures along the way. Admittedly, half the photos involve me posing with fruit and making stupid faces, so these lot were the only ones that turned out.

Most importantly, let’s talk trainers: 

These babies have been featured on my Instagram @stephieirwin , but they’ve otherwise lived an anonymous existence. I rock them at the gym 99% of the time — they’re super easy to run, jump or do anything in. Thankfully, these Nikes are new, and you can even find them  here in full colour. They’re flashy — but that’s what I go for.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Tuesday’s post. Comment below on your favourite ways to wear hats. I’d love to know ❤

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