Practical Impractical ft. Givenchy Hi-Tops #trainersonTuesday

Uncategorized February 10, 2015


image (7)

Trench Vest: TopShop / Sweater: Berkeley Bin Vintage (thanks Kate) / Leather Leggings: Club Monaco / Sunglasses: Ray Ban / Trainers: Givenchy / Purse: Alexander Wang

Hello friends!

Today was one of those days. You know — the ones that initially seem horrible, but with a little dose of optimism, turn into something great. Despite having a visa check, flat inspection and too much work, the between moments, sunshine and avocado bagels made it worth while. Especially the bagel. No lie.

After great thought whilst eating this majestic bagel (the positive turning point in my day, lol), I realized that I indeed have the power to turn this day around. Armed with this positive attitude (and ridding myself of my hangry disposition) , I managed to have abrupt revelations pertaining to Shakespeare’s Richard II and the communist plays I’m studying. Also, I couldn’t even choose which pictures to post! I had to narrow them down considerably, despite this post being more picture heavy than usual.

Anyways, right before all my studying went down, Morgan and I (my friend whose in town), walked around and took these pics. For the first time in my photo shoot history, a guy actually tried to photo bomb. Legend.

I not only love the sunshine in these shots and Morgan’s photographic ability (she has a natural talent), but I also love the utility of today’s outfit. During a phase in which I gained a ton of weight as a fresher (probably tmi but whatever), I ripped these leggings significantly. Thankfully, a local tailor fixed them and three other items for 12 pounds. Paired with this sleeveless trench, I felt appropriately casual yet put together for my average study day.

A sleeveless trench? I know what you’re thinking. That isn’t functional. True, but I see it more as a long blazer / vest that pairs easily with everything in my closet. Especially these shoes. Similar to the trainers, the trench is a dressed down version of something fancy: ragged edge trench vest, high-end trainers. Who doesn’t like contrast? Even better, who doesn’t love wearing leather trousers and high-tops like J Biebs. Or Missy Elliot. I’m a fan. No shame.

See you all Friday! Comment below on your favourite piece that seems impractical — but actually is. I’d love to know <3.


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    • stephieirwin says on February 12, 2015

      I think 15 with me in the UK, 7 back home in Canada. Plus I steal my mom’s sometimes. My shoe size never changes — that’s how I justify it LOL

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