Shoe Nostalgia: Velcro Strap Trainers

Uncategorized February 6, 2015

Hello friends!

As I finally write this post, I’ve been enjoying a wonderful weekend in Glasgow.  My purpose for this trip was not only to see Glasgow, but also to see Dillon Francis. Live. I fangirled. Yes, I’m in love with moombahton. I particularly adored the brief DJ Hanzel interlude (Dillon’s deep house alter ego), before Dillon went back to playing his classic tracks. Check them out here. 

Now that I’m heading back to school tomorrow, its back to “work” mode! When I’m in work mode, the way I dress becomes more …. streamlined ( err lazy & redundant).  And when I’m lazy, high tops are a pain. Who has time for laces anyways? Thankfully, these Kenzo trainers exist. Although they’d get destroyed at a Dillon Francis gig, the functional velcro straps doubly compensate, and are great for everyday. Besides, nothing makes me happier than a childhood favourite becoming cool again. Plastic chokers, velcro sneakers — I was way more hip as a kid ( despite wearing braces and spending most of watching reruns of The Amanda Show).

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Friday post! See you Tuesday <3.

Side note: Have any of your childhood items experienced a coolness revival? Comment below!

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