Triple Denim #YesYouCan #trainersonTuesday

Uncategorized February 3, 2015



Jacket: All Saints / Shirt: Madewell / Necklace: H&M / Jeans: Stella McCartney / Trainers: Nike Liberty (last season).  / Purse: Auxiliary

Photos: Ilaria Maresi

Hello friends!

As I write this post, I’m waiting for my fellow Canadian BFF — Morgan ! — to arrive in the UK later today. Once she arrives, we have plans to go to Glasgow, alongside our standard mischief. I miss her a lot; she’s one of those rare friends who can always make you laugh — yet still manages to give the best advice. Always. <3.

With Morgan’s visit looming, I realized that despite having dabbled in most sartorial faux-pas (plaid on plaid, white socks — you name it), the “Canadian tuxedo” has yet to make it into my book of tricks.  Although denim-on-denim fills me with country pride (as a Canadian), this faux-pas simultaneously annoys me, thanks to Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake. Their matching denim was a moment for the fashion ages, traumatizing most normal people against the viability of sporting denim items together. In my mind, faux-pas poses a challenge, rather than a restriction: how can one look normal whilst sporting denim shoes, jeans, and a shirt — you ask? I personally go for various shades of denim, and denim patterns. My dark jeans break up the light wash shoes and shirt, and the other colours prevent the look from becoming Britney & Justin esque. For the rest of the look, I try to keep it subdued: simple accessories, a NON denim jacket.

Most importantly…

The trainers! These are my Nike Liberty Air Max, which I bought last year. The added height of the air max shoe allows me to rock these dangerously long jeans, and the denim pattern coordinates nicely with the rest of the look!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my post! Are there any “fashion faux-pas” that you’re dying to try? Comment below! ❤

See you Friday!

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  1. Linda says on February 3, 2015

    The faux-pas I’m dying to figure out is wearing black with navy blue! I love to wear blue jeans and black tops, but when pairing the two together, somehow it usually just ends up looking like I got dressed in the dark! Great post.

    • stephieirwin says on February 4, 2015

      Thanks! <3. I personally like to wear navy and black together — especially when the navy is almost black itself. Although it really depends on the pieces, I like to put together navy and black in colour blocks. Its even better if one of the pieces itself is navy and black (like the shoes), so the rest of the look will make sense going from there :).

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