How to: Boyfriend Jeans & Slip-ons

Uncategorized January 30, 2015
How to: Boyfriend Jeans & Slip-ons


How to: Boyfriend Jeans & Slip-ons by stephieirwin featuring distressed jeans

Play Comme des Garçons embroidered shirt
£175 –

Vince white camisole
£140 –

MOA Master of Arts slip on shoes
£130 –

MCM backpack
£680 –

Black beanie
£20 –

Hello friends!
As my first week of school comes to a close, I’ve restarted an old habit of mine. Procrasti-vogueing. What is this? Great question. Its when you have work that you should do, but instead opt for reading Vogue till 2am wrapped in three blankets, wishing you were at home because heating actually works there #studentlife.
Although procrast-vogueing may sound inherently unproductive, last night’s session inspired today’s post. After seeing Alexa Chung rocking boyfriend jeans, for the first time, I thought they would be worth a shot. Never thought I’d admit this.
Boyfriend jeans. I’m pretty sure that 95% of their appeal is an apparent impossibility to style. How does one (unless you weigh under 80 pounds, or are Katie Holmes), still look cute in baggy, often ripped, ill-fitting jeans? While most fashion magazines would preach wearing 6-inch oppressive heels, I find such an approach hypocritical. What’s the point of wearing jeans that are comfortable — if your feet need to be oppressed to wear them?
Enter: slip-ons. I love these: they aren’t too weighty (like hightops), yet they’re still fun — without distracting from the jeans, or making the leg look stocky. Paired with classic pieces, the boyfriend jeans look more edgy than sloppy, and the accessories prevent me from looking like a 12-year-old boy on civvies day at Eaton.
I know that this look is boyish, but that’s the wonderful thing about hair and makeup. With curly hair and girly but simple makeup, this look is more edgy than cross dresser (not that cross dressing is bad– who needs gender stereotypes anyways)?
I find that most girls have an illogical paranoia of “looking like a lesbian.” If there’s anything I’ve learned in life, its that someone will always think you look stupid. I have always found that confidence (and knowing that you like boys), is usually enough to shush the haters. Wear what you want and forget the rest.
Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post! I’m signing off — see you on Tuesday <3.

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