Monochrome: Dressing up your flyknits #trainersonTuesday

Uncategorized January 27, 2015


Blazer: BCBG / Tee: Cheap Monday / Scarf: Rosie Sugden / Jeans: Rag & Bone / Trainers: Nike / Backpack: RAINS / Shades: Black Market Vintage

Hello friends!

Notice anything different? Not only am I back in the UK (*yay*), but my hair has also been turned into a mass of blonde balayage. My colour is essentially the same — just less ginger and more gold. Be sure to follow my colourist on instagram: @dgaweda. She’s the best.

Despite the sunny disposition of my hair, the rest of my style has been far more minimal in 2015. Black & white have become my go-tos — I seem to wear these fly knits everywhere.They were all over Instagram (Kayla Itsines). They were on sale. I even featured them in my last blog post. I had to.

Fly knits are essentially Nike’s answer to the Skechers shape up. Cringe worthy, I know, but these shoes are meant to tone your legs more (I’m skeptical) because they put you off balance. Although they’re cool looking and comfortable to walk in, I don’t care for them at the gym much, especially since I can’t lift weights in them safely.

Regardless, their knit fabric is wicked comfortable, and their black & white palette makes them really fun to style. When dressed up with a blazer, the shoes take on a sweater quality, which makes them cozy yet freakishly polished. I’m sold.

Hope you guys are having a wonderful first week back <3. I have a couple photo shoots coming up that I'm really excited for. See you soon!

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