Cold Weather Styling: Nike Boots

Uncategorized January 16, 2015
Cold Weather Styling: Nike Boots


Cold Weather Styling: Nike Boots by stephieirwin featuring Club Monaco

Chicwish grey shirt
63 CAD –

Balmain pants
1,330 CAD –

NIKE black boots
220 CAD –

Hype black backpack
54 CAD –

Movado watch
415 CAD –

Club Monaco scarve
235 CAD –

Fingerless glove
6.63 CAD –

Hello friends!

As I sit here in Dark Horse Coffee, the door keeps letting in gusts of wind — a friendly reminder that I’m far from Vancouver. I’m in Toronto now. Despite the beautiful sunshine, the weather is completely frigid! Still not getting the clue, I left my house this morning in Vans. Flat, slippery, shoes = falling everywhere. I gave the doorman a laugh at least :).

From this frigid experience, I became inspired to write a post that’s relevant for readers in a cold climate. As you can tell from my previous posts, I was quite blessed with temperate weather.

For those who endured the polar vortex last year, Nike thankfully debuted the “sneaker boot” to save us all (yay capitalism). They’re waterproof. They’re trendy and grippy. Yay. Although I’m a tad late on the bandwagon, it’s never too late to start — right? My favourite version of the Nike Airmax 90 “sneaker boot” is all black — appropriately matching my attitude towards winter. All black everything. Plus, if you’re scared to style these crazy boots, a versatile colour is probably best.

With flashy shoes, I like to add texture, all the while keeping everything streamlined. Leather pant wise, a loose fit is extremely cool. Enough room for long underwear underneath (Google it), yet still possessing a street wear feel. For a sweater, the fuzzy ones at Urban Outfitters are incredibly cozy & not too expensive. For accessories, fingerless gloves are great for those who hate heating their apartment, but love using their laptop (AKA all college students). Since most of your body will be covered, I personally forgo jewellery — except a watch. This watch is simple, clean and prevents the dreaded “I have to take out my phone to check the time” dilemma.

Once I get a tripod and a larger memory card (in a few days), I promise to do a photo shoot before I leave. I know y’all like those posts the best.

Comment below on your favourite cold weather shoe. I don’t actually own these “sneaker boots”, so if you think they’re worth it let me know. I might take the plunge next year.

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