Top 5 Trainers: Spring 2015

Uncategorized January 10, 2015
Top 5 Trainers: Spring 2015

Vans shoes
59 CAD –

Adidas shoes
280 CAD –

Givenchy sneaker
885 CAD –

Minna Parikka rubber sole shoes
420 CAD –

Nike sneaker
195 CAD –

Hey guys!

As much as I adore using my own shoes (and my mother’s) for posts, this method of blogging has left a void within my soul. After all, who can afford to wear the latest and greatest sneakers 24/7? Thankfully, I have finally acquired a Polyvore, so I can blog about all things wonderful  without having to eat solely soup — for the rest of my degree. (P.S: I will still do photoshoots weekly — don’t fret LOL).

Within my first “Polyvore” post, I have decided on the top 5 trainers for spring. Sure, the Givenchy ones are from a past season — but they’re too cute to pass up, and probably on sale at your local department store.

1. Minna Parikka: Bunnies = the epitome of spring. These trainers are an awesome way to dip a toe into the ‘animal shoe’ trend — without going all “Jeremy Scott.” 

2. Givenchy: Despite being from fall 2013, these trainers are still cool as ever. The unique Bambi graphic is distinct Givenchy — for those who love to be designer, subtly.

3. Adidas Stan Smith spring 2015: the fall 2014 collection was on the feet of every  blogger known to man (except me — teehee). Although I still adore the green and white (despite its abundance), the bright orange is the classic Raf Simons minimal style, fresh and far from played out.

4. Vans: When I see these Vans, I think “old vintage couch in a 70s basement.” Considering the amount of 70s style on the spring runways, Vans has obviously taken a hint. Although yellow may seem intimidating, this mustard suede would contrast beautifully with simple, dark wash skinnies.

5. Nike Airforce 1: All white Airforce 1’s are a hip-hop staple — and should be a staple in the closet of every girl or guy. The bright blue version is also beyond cool.

I hope you enjoyed my picks! Which trainers are you coveting for spring? Comment below! ❤

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