Private School Rebel: High tops & Plaid

Uncategorized December 26, 2014




Photos by: Kate Irwin

Hey guys!

Merry Christmas! As I write this post, its Christmas day! At the moment, I’m sporting riding jodhpurs and bound for the barn, where I usually spend Christmas. At the moment, I’m nursing some kind of disease (a cold probably haha), and I’m drinking copious amounts of tea.

For this photo shoot, my sister took the photos, and I love how they turned out. Although my dog was supposed to feature (my miniature dachshund, Buddha), we had to put him back in the car — dogs aren’t allowed on the pier. (Buddha will be featured soon — do not fret).

Back in elementary school, I was one of those private school ‘uniform’ kids, whose sense of style was stifled by dress code. Every single ‘civvies’ day (days where you can wear normal clothes) I’d dress as far from uniform protocol as possible. This rebelliousness has continued into my style today, in which I try to balance preppy and rebellious — basically trying to be a hipster Effie (from Skins) at every opportunity.

Overtime, I have developed a nostalgia for the rigid private school days.In particular, the plaid skirt has always been a staple which looks far too cool when worn unconventionally. Despite the appeal of plaid skirts, I find it quite challenging to locate ones that aren’t too long or too short (especially as a tall girl). This TopShop tall skirt saved my life — and appears more edgy than mormon with high tops. To finish the look, I added mirrored shades and a beanie — the quintessential ‘ private school cool’ accessories.

For me, the key to rocking high tops and a skirt is to tie the high tops loosely — tightly tied trainers cut off my legs, making me look stocky.

I also love cropped shirts with high waisted skirts, given the lack of unnecessary fabric. The fuzzy material is to die for — I wish this turtleneck had a hood!

Although most normal people wear tights (on a pier, in the winter),these scrunched workmen’s socks are my go to — they’re warm, yet perfect for this edgy look.

Believe it or not, it wasn’t that cold on the pier. Most people thought I was crazy, but I’ve gotten used to that after a while.

Comment below on how you rock plaid skirts — or if you feel nostalgia for private school (and Skins).

What I’m Wearing

Cropped Turtleneck: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: TopShop Tall
Beanie: Johnston’s of Elgin
Shades: TopShop
Trainers: Givenchy
Socks: Mark’s Work Warehouse

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