Winter Dressing: Looking Cool without being Cool(ed). #trainersontuesday

Uncategorized November 11, 2014


Photo Credit: Ilaria Maresi

I have a confession. The colder the weather, the more boring my style gets. Although I love dressing for fall, the winter chill is far too unbearable — especially whilst sporting what some deem “stylish clothing.” On one particularly cold day, I headed to H&M in search of something weird yet warm. Thankfully, I found this gigantic jumper dress, which looks even better layered over leather. Since I don’t own leather leggings (unlike the rest of the world), I decided to pull out my trusty leather skirt. The texture contrast is awesome, and adds some femininity to the frumpy jumper. When it gets extra cold, adding a wool coat overtop cinches the jumper dress, and rather than adding bulk, decreases it.

If I owned wedge sneakers, I would’ve paired them with this look (especially if you’re short). Nevertheless, I can always count on my Supra slip-ons. They’re reliable, comfortable and surprisingly pair with 99% of looks I put together. The only thing more surprising than men’s slip-ons going with everything is the fact I’m wearing tights. If your slip-ons are of the casual, Vans variety, skipping tights is probably a safer option. However, if your slip-ons are a funky texture or solid colour — go for it! (Especially when you have fleece Primark tights)!

Comment below on your favourite way to transition into winter fashion/ or if you prefer my photos full size or medium :). Studying and deadlines are starting to hit me hard, so hopefully I can keep up with the posts.

P.S: Take the title any way you want to lol

What I’m Wearing
Turtle Neck Jumper Dress: H&M
Skirt: AllSaints
Slip-ons: Supra [Most featured shoe on the blog]

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