Rebel Rebel: How to wear what you want and own it #trainersontuesday

Uncategorized October 28, 2014


Photos taken by: Kerry Douglas

Although I’m posting late, I’m excited to announce that real photographers will be helping with this blog! Although I appreciated my previous reluctant helpers, I realized the importance of taking my photos to the next level. Lets face it — even the hottest people on earth look horrible with a two minute photo shoot.

Thankfully, we spent a decent chunk of time on these photos, and I believe that it shows. This increased photo quality allows me to be even more bold with the looks I choose. Although this outfit took a lot of ballsy attitude to rock in prepster land [aka where I live], it was liberating. I finally decided to wear what I want — and not just for the duration of this photo shoot. Overtime, I have discovered that the key to fashion freedom is certainty. Go with what you want initially, and 99% of the time you will get positive results.

The look I’m wearing rocks. After all, who doesn’t love Criminal Damage and short skirts? For those of you wondering, the jersey is a mock Moët Champagne logo (with pot leaves and funny stuff all over it). I love the leather skirt underneath, because it reminds everyone that yes, I am a The skirt also adds cool texture, and its cut blends in with the rest of my look. The next piece that I feel great enthusiasm towards is my blue jacket. Not only was it £5, but it also goes with everything and is super easy to layer. Safe to say I’m in love. Lastly, the headphones I’m wearing are far from decoration. Although Bang & Olufsen usually charges £400 for their headphones, I got these for £170 on Amazon (they sound far too amazing to be fakes). As for the music playing in them, I’m currently listening to a healthy mix of Jack Beats, Cari Lekebusch and Drake (don’t judge me — I’m missing Toronto a lot).

Now to the most important part: The Shoes. I originally bought these crazy shoes for running, but I have recently discovered their merit as an everyday item. They tie in with my orange flannel and green skirt really well, and add height to counter the baggy top. Sold.

Comment below on your favourite crazy pieces, and if you wear headphones around your neck unintentionally :P.

What I’m Wearing
Jacket: H&M
Flannel: Vintage
Top: Criminal Damage
Skirt: AllSaints
Trainers: Nike

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