Look Book: All Furry Everything #trainersontuesday

Uncategorized October 14, 2014


After re-watching Get Him to the Greek , I realized two things: 1. I need a furry wall in my flat, 2. I need more furry clothing. Although installing a furry wall probably wouldn’t please my landlord [what a shame eh?], I decided to compromise. With great enthusiasm, I went to TopShop and picked up this surprisingly warm vest. I liked its colour and lack of try-hard “I really wish I was fur but I’m really a plastic coat that looks like a dead beaver — from three years ago.” Rather, it reminds me of a pink teddy bear suit cut in half. For colder weather, layering this vest over a longer wool coat or a Barbour is a cool way to transition into winter. Safe to say I’m in love. TopShop also has shaggy vests in white that I’m considering (labour day is gone and idgaf).

As for the snow leopard jumper, it may be older, but it’s still a favourite. The main body is wool, but the snow leopard itself is angora, which goes along with the “furry” theme. Side note: The snow leopard’s butt is on the back of the sweater — which automatically makes it worth acquiring.

On a more personal note, I missed last week thanks to three deadlines & an Old English existential crisis. Nevertheless #trainersontuesday is back, and better than ever.

Comment below on your favourite furry thing [nothing sexual please], or how your favourite films inspire you style wise. ❤

What I’m Wearing
Jumper: French Connection
Vest/ Gilet: TopShop
Jeans: J Brand
Shoes: AllSaints

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