The Fall Transition Pt 2: Repurposing Summer Items

Uncategorized September 14, 2014


Let’s get real here — The only sad thing about fall fashion is all of the summer pieces you just bought but can no longer wear. Don’t fret my friends, since fall layering (in a less obvious way than the magazines say) is an awesome way to get more $$$ out of the pieces you initially thought of as seasonal. Today I felt an urge to wear my favourite vest (or gilet, as they say in Scotland), and Nike Liberty’s, which I always considered as “spring/summer shoes.” However, the weather said otherwise to my summery disposition. In summer, usually only wore this gilet with tank dresses or tops underneath, just to avoid the whole “gilets look awkward with sleeves popping out” phenomenon. However, this method of styling is far from comfortable in Scotland’s perpetual cold. To combat this problem, I layered my favourite wool cardigan underneath the gilet. When left open, this combination looks like a jacket with textured sleeves (which has been massively trendy recently — for those who care about trends). If you have a leather or denim vest, this look would also be cool.

As for my Nike Liberty’s, The dark blue in their print surprisingly pops when paired with dark denim and earth tones. The twine laces (which can always be swapped out), appear more rustic than strictly summer, and the white sole gives everything a dose of “freshness” in the literal and gangster sense of the word.

What I’m Wearing
Tank Top: H&M
Gilet: Babaton
Ring: H&M
Trainers: Nike Air Max X Liberty London

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  1. peteryang05 says on October 2, 2014

    Those Liberty Air Max 1s are too nice. Almost got myself a pair but Nike didn’t have appropriate sizing for men’s feet. Looking good!

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