Style Feature: Back to School Tee Shirt & Jeans

Uncategorized September 10, 2014


Now that I’m officially back to school, I can no longer spend all of my days watching American Horror Story and writing this blog :(. Regardless, the one thing I am excited about is back to school fashion — since it melds practicality and weirdness into one look, which is kind of my thing. One of my favourite ways to accomplish this “weird practical” style is through messing with old classics. Got a white tee shirt, jeans and a flannel? Add some crazy Nike airmax trainers, mismatched rings, crazy shades and tie the flannel around your waist a la Kylie Jenner. The classic nature of my look tempers the crazy accessories, making their wearer look trendy without being too contrived (…hopefully LOL).

Shoe wise, these trainers are awesome because of their casual/gym duality. If I’m headed straight to weights after going to a lecture, I just put my gym clothes in my backpack. Since shoes are quite bulky, these trainers do double duty as my running shoes and shoes I use to walk around town in. (Note: I do not do weights in these. Rather, I wear Nike Free 5.0’s which are perfect for lifting and will be discussed in a coming post). When I’m headed to the gym, I do actually wear white socks ***collective cringe among readership***. I cannot stand Vans socks, and I only wear them with trainers if I’m not headed to the gym after. To make the socks less obvious, buy jeans with a longer inseam. These J Brand stacked skinnies are great because they actually fit me properly. On someone with normal proportions (read: not me) these jeans are intentionally long, thus creating a “stacked” look above the shoes.

I hope you all have a wonderful return to school ❤

What I’m Wearing
Jeans: J Brand Stacked Skinnies
Flannel: Vintage
Rings: H&M
Shades: Black Market Vintage
Trainers: Nike Airmax
Backpack: Superdry

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