What I Wear: Travelling

Uncategorized September 7, 2014

IMG_4792IMG_4810IMG_4811IMG_4806IMG_4803IMG_4802To say that I’ve been absent from the blog-overse would be quite an understatement. After uploading my last post, I began the arduous task that is packing for uni. A few days later, I jetted off to Scotland to commence my second year of university. Upon arrival, I unpacked and attempted to reassemble my life in my new flat. Now that most of my work is done, I am so excited to be writing a post!

Considering all of the travelling I’ve been doing, this travel related post is quite fitting. When on the plane, I prefer to wear minimal jewellery, lots of layers and texture. These three features not only make my plane journey more comfortable, but they also make airport security 100X easier. Instead of jewellery, I opted for comfortable gold chain slip ons (a travel must), and a studded Adidas hoodie. These two items suit the edgy nature of the look, and jazz up what would usually be seen as your run of the mill airport outfit. When I’m at airport security, once the hoodie and shoes come off, I’m wearing a blank tank top and pants (which lessens the odds of beeping through the metal detector).

Pant wise, I am of the controversial opinion that wearing leggings as pants is ONLY okay in two places: 1. the gym 2. the airport. Since I was at the airport, I chose compression leggings, which are comfortable without being unflattering. If your flight is under 4 hours, wearing normal stretch jeans is sufficient as well (Genetic denim or Topshop jeans are AMAZING <3).

Comment below on your fashion/travelling tips — we can all help each other ❤

What I’m Wearing

Purse: 3.1 Phillim Lim

Hoodie: Adidas

Leggings: Under Armour

Trainers: Supra

Horse helmet backpack: Shedrow

Sunglasses: Ray Ban



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