Yes You Can!:Trainers & A Dress

Uncategorized September 2, 2014


In my new post segment, “Yes You Can!” I’ll be styling things deemed implausible by society. Woah. (And no, this is not inspired by the Obama campaign).

My inspiration for this post came from Demi Lovato’s song “La La Land” (don’t judge me — LOL). This song deems wearing trainers with a dress as some unheard of phenomenon, even though I’ve been doing it unintentionally for years. As a child, the only things I loved more than wearing dresses were eating and running around. Alas, not only do I prefer easy fit dresses, but stylish trainers have become a staple in my closet (case in point, this blog).

The easiest way to rock “trainers with a dress” is by opting for a tank dress. Tank dresses are the stoner cousin of the mini dress. With a flannel or button down layered overtop, pretty much any pair of trainers will look a-ok with a dress. Try it. (For fall, adding tights still looks cool. Also, swap the button down for a coat like this for a similar vibe).

What I’m Wearing
Button Down: Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply
Tank Dress: Alice & Olivia
Shoes: Puma
Purse: Cole Haan (discontinued)

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  1. adminkatei says on September 3, 2014

    Best post yet! Love the outfit & the photographer is skilled too, great lighting and background!

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