How to: Edgy-fy your Flatforms

Uncategorized August 7, 2014


Flatforms are a trend that arose thanks to hipsters who wanted height without heel pain (not that I need to add height — I’m 5’11). These bad boys are comfortable, mostly clean, and versatile enough to calm down any outfit, all the while adding a “cool factor”. Unlike white converses, plain white flatforms are not a cliche, and they will conform to whatever styles you happen to be wearing. In my previous post “Athletic Two Set”, I wear them with a bright, Adidas two set. With the two set, the shoes take on more of a sporty vibe. However, when paired with a mod skirt and crop top, the shoes take on a whole new vintage-esque life. Now that you’re clearly won over on the value of flatforms, here’s a guide on how to wear them.

1. Show some leg: I personally find that flatforms (especially these summery white ones), look best on bare legs. Pair your flatforms with a high waisted skirt that is short but not too short (place hands against thighs, skirt should end where middle finger does).

2. Decide on the look you’re going for : Although flatforms are cool in theory for a skater look, actually skateboarding in white flatforms isn’t the best idea (I fell a lot — don’t do it kids). However, if you’re indecisive and want to mix decades (like I did), that is completely fine — just keep the colours similar and make sure that the pairing makes sense ( i.e: my “killin’ it” tee and a shark tooth, for instance, make total sense).

3. Keep the other vintage accents subtle: The higher the flatform, the more subtle your other accessories should be. My skirt originally came with a belt, but I took it off (since it looked too try hard wearing flatforms, a belt and a necklace.

What I’m Wearing
Crop top: Brandy Melville
Skirt: San Remo
Necklace: Hawaii (bought it when I was 12)
Flatforms: My trusty Supergas
Purse: Chanel (not mine)

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