The Princess’ New Look

Uncategorized July 24, 2014


Ever since the Emperor got a new look (get the reference 90’s kids?), I decided that it was only fitting to get one too. This new look involves a new outlook into my trainer obsessed world. Post wise, I’ll be featuring my forays into thrift shopping, outfit “look books” from everyday life, travels and parties. In addition, I will also be featuring specific pieces in my closet, and why they deserve a place in yours. Once my readership expands, I also hope to do styling q & a posts.

In picking a picture for this post, I opted for one of my favourite looks that I feel truly encapsulates my style — who doesn’t love a good pair of pleather shorts and slip-ons!

Drop me a comment, and I’d love to chat or check out your blog.



What I’m Wearing

Button-down: Brooks Brothers
Shorts: BCBG
Slip-ons: Limited Edition Supra men’s
Earrings: H&M
Sunglasses: Wilfox

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